Reattaching penile suspensory ligament

Need help repairing Dr. (LA) 1994 surgery with adipose harvesting. Not having had any intercourse 12 years, except with willing one night stand.
We have met. You gave me 1/2 hour of your valuable time. ALLODERM OR BellaDerm suggested with adipose removed as weight gain induces disappearing penis syndrome. Was 5 3/4 pre-op with Dr. . 6 1/4 post-op with no stretching/traction applied it was 1994. I did not sue I understand he has had his license back for a few years now.. Recall that I attended Jackson Hospital 96_98. Did not graduate due to extenuating circumstances. Would like to recover my self esteem, enhanced length, and BellaDerm girth.

Is their a method for reattaching a synthetic dorsal suspensory ligament of the penis back to the pubic symphysis? Maybe we could consider and explore that treatment modality and you would be the surgeon who introduced and performs it. Please think about it. Thank you for your time Dr. Reed. Best Wishes, sincerely, John

Dear John,

The normal suspensory attachment lacks length measured from any central position on the dorsal penile shaft and going anteriorly to the closest portion of the pubic symphysis or bone.  Think of it more as a fixation zone than an elongated ligament.  Reattaching the connective tissue (Buck’s fascia) to the midline underside of the pubic bone or pubic symphysis will predictably result in loss of penile length and I don’t think you’ll be at all happy with the outcome.  Please go online and look anatomical illustrations.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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