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Phalloplasty or penis enlargement photographic examples

Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Example 4 | Example 5 |
Example 6
  | Example 7  | Example 8  | Example 9  | Example 10 
Example 11  |  Example 12

Example #1: BellaDerm 1/1 - 1/4

1/1 A man contemplating BellaDerm. Pre-op, flaccid circumferance is 9.3 cm or 3 5/8 in.

1/2 Post-op BellaDerm. A gain of 1 3/8 inches!




Example #2: 2/1

2/1 A man of no small dimension post lengthening surgery with AlloDerm for girth enhancement; will return for glanular enlargement.
penis enlargement


Example #3: 3/1 - 3/2

3/1 Preoperative photo showing stretched penile length of 4 inches and a peno-scrotal web (turkey neck)
penis enlargement

3/2 Same patient postop, with stretched penile length of 6 inches and correction of turkey neck deformity.
penis enlargement



Example #4: 4/1 - 4/3

4/1 This firefighter poses pre-op for AlloDerm insertion.
penis enlargement

4/2 Post Op result of AlloDerm, a huge difference.
penis enlargement

4/3 Surgical swelling has dissipated, a more mature result.
penis enlargement



Example #5: 5/1 and 5/2
Before and after photos of patient requesting penile lengthening and liposuctioned fat transfer to achieve penile girth enhancement.

penis enlargement

5/2penis enlargement




Example #6: 6/1 and 6/2
Patient requested penile lengthening and girth enhancement using liposuctioned fat transfer. Postoperative result showing patient gains slightly over 1 inch in circumference. (1 inch = 2.5 cm) Note smooth quality with good filling at the base and distal shaft.

penis enlargementpenis enlargement


Example #7: 7/1 - 7/5

penis enlargement
7/1 Renown body builder had penile lengthening with me in the past and achieved flaccid length slightly greater than 6 inches.

penis enlargement
7/2 Close up photo showing ultrafine transverse lower pubic line.
penis enlargement
7/3 Patient requests dermal-fat grafts as second stage procedure and this immediate postoperative result should be compared with previous photo. As a guide to appreciating the enormity of this result, note the standard sized ruler in the photo.
7/4 Coronal sulcus incisions have healed imperceptibly.
penis enlargement

7/5 Patient unable to place hand all the way around his penis.
penis enlargement

Example #8: 8/1

8/1 Another enormous dermal graft result, and this is a completely flaccid penis.
penis enlargement

Example #9: 9/1-9/4
Figures 9/1-3  AlloDerm showing no contour abnormalities.  Flaccid mid shaft girth a little over 5 3/4".  Normal size for an adult male about 3 3/8".  How do you stack up to this man?  He wants more and I said "no."


Example #10: 10/1-10/4
Figures 10/1-3  Patient from another doctor with typical spreading inverted Y scar with creping of skin, suture tracts, depression of infrapubic surface contour.




10/4 After repair. Incidental penile warts cauterized gratis as part of the procedure.

Example #11: 11/1-11/3
Figures 11/1-3 Another patient from elsewhere with typical spreading inverted Y scar, with creping of skin, suture tracts, wad of pubic skin with hair growing on penile shaft, some redundancy of dorsal penile skin, and apparent penile shortening, just the direct opposite of the intentions of his initial surgery. Could have placed the infrapubic skin a little higher, but patient instructed me to leave adequate skin for an erection. Triple layered closure is performed to provide adequate strength.




Example #12: 12/1-12/3
Figures 12/1-3 show classic "hidden penis" often called buried or concealed penis. Often there are 2 factors, obesity and a loss of anchoring or looseness of penile shaft skin at the base which causes the penis to slip downwards below the body surface line. This patient had a third factor, perhaps an overzealous circumcision and preputial synechia. This is like a cartoon character with a broad brimmed hat pulling down and shrinking into a midget.

This synechia was released (raw area 12/2) and should re-epithelialize in about 6 to 8 weeks. Plenty of penile shaft was noted under the skin. Just needed to be exteriorized with loose skin properly secured at the base of the penis.

Also performed was pubic and upper scrotal liposuction, and removal of a large lower abdominal crescent of skin and over hanging fat. A recommendation or weight loss in heavy patients is always the first approach.





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Penis Enlargement Surgery:

Penile lengthening techniques or phalloplasty have been described in the urological literature for at least 40 years.  Average penis erect lengths measured with a ruler placed gently on the pubic skin vary from 5 3/8 to 5 3/4 inches depending upon the city and year the study was performed.  Many men with below average penis measurements may still appear normal and function quite well.  For this reason, penis enlargement / penile enhancement / phalloplasty should be considered an elective procedure.  

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