Peyronies Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s Disease

Thanks for visiting our web site on Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature.

Perhaps you can relate to the  Peyronie’s Treatment befores and after pictures  posted in the gallery.

We are doing several Peyronie’s patients every year. One memorable patient from Ohio was done with a length gain of 1 1/4″ immediately on the table. When the patient arrived in the recovery room and said to me, “how did I do,” I drew the curtains around his bed and pulled back his sheets and blanket and said, “look.” An approving smile came across his face.

With post operative use of a vacuum erection device, he’ll even do better than that over the course of the next 6 months.

Correcting penile curvature is one of the mainstays of our practice and the enjoyment we derive is making two people happy. We see patients from all over the world who seek remedy because of functional or cosmetic disabilities.

My knowledge is updated yearly by attending the AUA meetings. At any lecture dealing with Peyronie’s you’ll find me sitting very attentively in the audience.

While our surgical success rate is better than 95%, we do recommend a trial of conservative therapy for at least 6 months as this may often produce a sufficient enough resolution to make you a happy man. But have you had this without success?

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