Is there a circumcision style which is more desirable?

Dr. Reed, Looking for circumcision style guidance.  Are there any medical recommendations, or is this pretty much optional.  Victor

Dear Victor,

We have a gallery of before and after circumcision pictures which you can peruse on our web-site  In that the only caution is not to go the extremes.  For example ultra tight may cause pubic and scrotal skin to transfer to the base of your penis during an erection,  Ultra low may necessitate the making of a V-cut or dart on the upper side and the circumference near the neck or coronal sulcus is a lot narrower that the lower third of the shaft.  This is not about speed. This is about a cosmetic result that the patient and his intimates will appreciate for a lifetime.

After looking at the circumcision gallery before after, the choice is pretty much yours.  Most men, not all want the frenulum removed.  Of the 20% who say “no”, 80% come back and say “doctor, now do it.”

More important is that the urologist exercise care, meticulous hemostatsis (control of bleeding sites), not rush, strive for a symmetrical result, and provide the patient with a hand held mirror, to confirm the result is as he anticipated.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision


Circumcision styles pics, high and tight

Circumcision styles pics, low and tight

Circumcision styles pics, frenulum removed

Circumcision styles pics, mature result


adult cirucmcsion before after images   circucmsion gallery befofre after

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adult circumcision before after images 5 5 %
circumcision gallery before after

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