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Testicle implants

Dr. Reed, Need testicle Implants.  Am a body builder and steroids have resulted in a LOSS of testicular mass.  Fortunately my penis is normal.  Can this be done on an outpatient basis.


Dear Colin,

We have done numerous testicle implants at the Reed Centre owing to requests from both natal men and transgendered men.  OIur implants are made of soft silicone very similar in texture to real testicles.  We have models you can examine on the desk top. When choosing size,  remember the bottom of your scrotum is like an inflexible hammock.  So avoid an overlly large  length that will project along side your penile shaft.  This may interfere with penetration.

Some patients complain they have hyper-retractile testes or yo-yo testes that go up and down occasionally riding high in the scrotum.  The implants willl tend to stay dependent.  Yo-yo testicles can be pexed (fixedf) at the same time.  We believe a girth 80% of the height looks best, but custom made implants can be molded to suit your specifications.  The outward size will be an 1/8th larger than what you might envision as it is covered by scrotum and dartos, the underlying scrotal wall muscle.  Plan on a generous amount of bed rest for 2 days afterwards and avoid any potential for straddle injuries such as bicycle, motorcycle, or horseback riding for a good 2 months.

I have in a drawer 3 inch implants ordered but not used, because when the patient saw them, he realized they were way too big.  Volume increases as the cube of the radius. So enhance yes, but don’t dwarf your penils size with an imbalance.  Please see before and after photos on our web-site http://penisdoctor.com/testicular-enhancement


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

Patient 1:

Testicular implant. Which side? Patient's left. Well healed incision and normal gonadal contour, fairly symmetrical result.

Testicle atrophy before testicular implants


Patient 2: A/B: POST OP Result of another patient

After Testicular Implants



Orchidopexy for Yo-yo or hyper-retractile testes

Dr. Reed,  I have Yo-Yo testes. Several time a day they leave my scrotum and all I see are scrotal folds and of course this is somewhat uncomfortable as well as embarrassing when with my wife. Jorge Dear Jorge, Yo-Yo  or Hyper-retractile testes is a  treatable condition.  Please consider an Orchidopexy. In this procedure we…Continue Reading