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Vasectomy and Penile Enlargement

November 29, 2015

I am contemplating vasectomy with penile enhancement, is that possible.


Good morning Richard,

Yes, although I am not a big proponent of simultaneous genital surgery, for sure this can be done as the vasa (plural for vas) in the scrotum are well away from the penis. Applying penile traction,. a needed adjunct for penile lengthening should have no impact on a healing vasectomy. Our vasectomy is done through a small 3/8″ incisions, each in the upper lateral scrotum. To make this as painless as possible, we’ll number the area first with anesthetic cream, similar to EMLA, and then after 20 minutes provide with some a small gauge needle long lasting and deeper anesthesia. If you are having a penile enhancement procedure using local, most likely we will provide IV conscious sedation along with that.

Conscious sedation means that you will be awake, but like you had 3 martinis.

Please remember you are not cleared for unprotected sex unless you have had at least one seminal analysis (two is better) showing there is no longer sperm in he ejaculate. So it’s no ejaculation for 1 week, and then afterwards, at least 8 good ejaculations before your first seminal analysis.

Also keep in mind that post vasectomy about 3% of patients will have some persistent discomfort that may take a few months to subside. This is possibly due to the testicular congestion syndrome. If you wish, we can send you vas segments out to pathology for confirmation a vasectomy was done. May be helpful in situations where you are seen as a desirable mate and women getting pretends\ with another partner may wish to assign you with paternity

To schedule in for a consultation please call Anne at the office, The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Cosmetic Surgery – Miami.


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