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Concealed (buried, hidden) penis needs release to the way it was

Dr. Reed,  Hope you can help me with a hidden (some say concealed or buried) penis.  Saw our work on penisdoctor.com/before-after-concealed-or-hidden-penis and was impressed.  Roger

Dear Roger,

Thank you for looking at before and after pictures of buried hidden, concealed) penis surgery.  If you remember your penile length when you were younger was much longer, that’s a good start.  The techniques may involve penile traction, a pubic lift or escutheonectomy and perhaps release of a penile scrotal web or turkey neck


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami
Buried, hidden or concealed penis before picture


Buried, hidden or concealed penis after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

(FAQ) Buried penis also called hidden or concealed penis), how treated Dr. Harold Reed

Dr. Reed, I believe I have what has been classically described as a buried or concealed penis, which has been a pronounced inhibition from sexual encountes.. How is this treated?  Is there any hope that some day I’ll be passable?  Jeff Dear Jeff,   The term hidden, buried or concealed penis relates to children as well…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision revision needed

Dr. Reed, Am 37 and had an adult circumcision 5 years ago, and have a penile waddle that hangs down like a turkey neck.  What’s the best surgical approach?  Roger Dear Roger, Circumcision waddles is not on the list for circumcision styles.  Of course it detracts from the cylindrical appearance of your penile shaft. If on…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web (turkey neck) detracts from my true length

Dear Dr. Reed,  Believe I have a penile scrotal web or so called turkey neck which detraxcts from my true length.  Yes, I probably had an overly aggressive circumcision a few years ago. Now time to take corrective action,.I’ll send you photos. Are you available this July? David Dear David, Revising penile scrotal webs is…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web (turkey neck) seems to be limiting length

Dr. Reed, Had an ultra tight circumcision and seems to have developed a turkey neck or penile-scrotal web. Is this easy to fix? Kenny Dear Kenny, We see penile scrotal webs frequently and it can occur in uncircumcised men as well as this is a transitional zone.  Surely an overzealous or aggressive circumcision can produce…Continue Reading

Penile-scrotal web

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision a few years ago (requested “tight”) and think I may have a penile scrotal web or turkey neck.  On side view my penile length looks shorter.  Is this easy to correct? Nate Dear Nate, More likely than not you do have a penile scrotal web especially if your situation…Continue Reading

Have a Penile Scrotal Web, will I look longer if removed

Dr. Dr. Reed,  Am circumcised and have a penile scrotal web or turkey neck.  Have seen your photos on penisdoctor.com/before-after-penile-scrotal-web  If you correct this triangulation, will I look longer?   Daryl   Dear Daryl,  On side view your erect length is seen extension from your pubis as well as your scrotum.  For sure, there will be some…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web redux | Dr. Harold Reed |Miami

Dr. Reed, am reviewing an article on penile-scrotal web (turkey neck) repair discussing the 2 approaches, Z-plasty vs. V-Y plasty.  Any additional thoughts.  How do you feel about electrolysis to remove hair on the penile shaft? Bert Dear Bert, Regarding the 2 approaches, there’s a saying “if you ask 5 different urologists, you’ll get 7 different…Continue Reading

Buried penis release | Harold M. Reed MD | Miami

Dr. Reed,  My penis has been diagnosed as “buried or concealed” and how is this treated?   Are there non-operative ways as well?  Will I have a longer dangle length as well as penetrating length Bernard Dear Bernard, If when you were younger you can remember a lot of exposed flaccid length, and now you don’t…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web redux

Dear Dr. Reed, It’s Logan again.  Will your surgery interfere with a future circumcision and possibly can both be done at the same time? Logan Dear Logan, We are not in the business of promoting surgery for someone who is happy the way they are.  Yes, a circumcision can be done in the future.  Whoever…Continue Reading