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Foreskin Restoration

Dr,. Reed I have contemplated foreskin restoration in an effort to return to my natural state.  I have heard of the purse string technique and also the Tugger.  Do these approaches work.


Dear Fernando,  I would not do the purse string technique as the result might lead to phimosis, or inability to retract your foreskin for daily hygiene. This is not a desirable situation.  The Tugger or continual traction under the aegis of a urologist may work with time.  We have seen over the years more than a few patents who got some looseness of the foreskin but never complete coverage of the glans or head.

Foreskin restoration has been described even before Celsus, the first great Roman physician (25 B.C. to A.D. 50), wrote “De Medicin.”  The procedure used today is only somewhat modified from what had been done then so “the patient could move around inconspicuously in Greek and Roman society.”  Celsus drew heavily on his Egyptian and Greek predecessors.

Many patients, as an alternative to surgery, may elect to use stretching devices under urological supervision which could produce an acceptable result in 2 to 3 years.

With our surgical procedure, the skin of the distal shaft is advanced forward to create a neo-foreskin. This leaves a denuded area at the base of the penile shaft, which is buried under the scrotum.  The pigmentation of scrotal skin is a close match to epithelial penile skin.  A catheter is left in for a few days and a dressing is placed over the foreskin pulling it forward until the laminated skin heals.

After an interval of 3 months, the penis is lifted from the scrotum with wings of scrotal flaps on both sides.  The flaps are closed underneath the penis.  The scrotum is also closed at that time.  Variation in technique may be required to best suit the unique anatomy of each patient.

Erections must be suppressed with anti-testosterone medication.

This is ideally a 2 stage procedure which can be performed under local with IV sedation.  Comprehensive fee of $7,600 does not include consultation, lab tests, medical clearance and psychiatric clearance. Consultation is $250.

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Foreskin Restoration Surgery techniqe

1. Status post foreskin reconstruction with fully covered glans (head). Viewed from the right. 

Foreskin Restoration patient of Dr. Reed able to retract foreskin

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