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Where can I see a gallery of adult circumcision before and after pics

Dr. Reed,  Where can I see a gallery of adult circumcision before and after pics?  Earl

Dear Earl,  The best web-sites are from urologists who do lots and lots of circumcisions.  We have done about 8,000 adult circumcisions.  We give the patient a choice of 4 circumcision styles.  Remove or do not remove the frenulum, cut high medium or low, tight loose or moderate, and cut perpendicular to the long axis of the penis, or parallel to to rim with inner skin equidistant all the way around (most common).

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Moderately high and tight adult circumcision picture

Moderately high and tight adult circumcision picture

frenulum intact (not removed)

frenulum has been removed with circumcision

After adult circumcision picture frenulum has been removed (patient of Dr. Reed)

Is there a circumcision style which is more desirable?

Dr. Reed, Looking for circumcision style guidance.  Are there any medical recommendations, or is this pretty much optional.  Victor Dear Victor, We have a gallery of before and after circumcision pictures which you can peruse on our web-site  penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision  In that the only caution is not to go the extremes.  For example ultra tight may…Continue Reading

Waddle of skin still left after my adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, Seems to be a waddle of skin underneath my penis after an adult circumcision done last year by another doctor.  How easy is his to remove?  Henry Dear Henry,  We see penile skin waddles all the time as there tends to be a laxity and redundancy of skin on the underside of many…Continue Reading

Need a circumcision revision, can you make it pretty? | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision 3 years ago and wish I had done it properly the first time by an experienced urologist. Went back and he said the result was acceptable.  Will send you some photos. Darcy Dear Darcy,   We have done about 8000 cosmetic adult circumcisions and revisions.  Foremost is listening to…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Adult circumcision aftercare | Dr. Harold Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, Do you have special recommendations for adult circumcision aftercare?  I don’t want to spoil a good result.  Scott Dear Scott,  Adult circumcision aftercare advice should not be glossed over. Firstly, early mobility is the great enemy of penile healing.  Remember it’s simple hydraulics.  Your heart is center stage and every thing below that…Continue Reading

Cosmetic adult circumcision, what’s involved

Dr. Reed,  When you say cosmetically performed adult circumcision why is this different from a standard adult circumcision?  Fred Dear Fred,  I have seen doctors perform a circumcision in 15 minutes and when they are finished, it looks like it was done in 15 minutes.  We take about 50 minutes. Before circumcision we discuss with the patient the 4 circumcision…Continue Reading

FAQ | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Adult Circumcision and Circumcision Revision

Dr. Reed,  Think my adult circumcision is too long and afraid I will continue to have balanitis.  How soon can you re-operate and any suggestions in the meantime. Freddy Dear Freddy, Dear Freddy,   Sorry to hear your balanitis has not been resolved by a recent circumcision.  Unless there is a medical emergency I would…Continue Reading

Seeking circumcision revision and correction of penile scrotal web (turkey neck)

I have a mild case of excess foreskin remaining from an adult circumcision. I would also consider the turkey neck (penile scrotal web) a mild case. (If you desire photos, I can email them to you). I am wondering if you are comfortable performing removal of the excess foreskin and turkey neck and performing glans…Continue Reading

Very bad result with Gomco clamp, can you correct this

Dr. Reed, Had my foreskin removed with a Gomco clamp and the doctor sewed the ends together but the result is uneven.  Can you correct this?  Please review my circumcision pictures Ulysses Dear Ulysses, There’s work to be done.  The raphe or longitudinal “division” line between left and right on your lower penis is taking a random…Continue Reading

Regret not having my adult circumcision sutures removed

Dr. Reed,  Did not have my adult circumcision sutures removed.  Was told it is not necessary. They will melt out.  Would like an adult circumcision revision.  Nathan Dear Nathan, We tell all our patients even though we use expensive fast absorbing suture, “Vicryl Rapide”, they should be removed in 12 to 14 days because 10%…Continue Reading