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Is buried penis surgery penile enlargement?

Dr. Reed, Is buried penis surgery penile enlargement surgery?  Marvin

Dear Marvin,

A buried, concealed or hidden penis (different terms meaning the same thing) can be a congenial situation or an acquired situation, which is noted usually in mid-age as an individual gains weight.  The implication in the latter is that your true penile length is unchanged but hidden by blousing of your pubic fat pad over your penis.  If you stand in front of a full length mirror and lift your lower abdominal wall and pubis upwards and like what you see (more penile length), then the remedy is to remove the overhanging skin and fat.  Of course, consider losing weight first.  However, usually skin once chronically stretched will not return back to normal.

Please visit our web-site penisdoctor.com for before an after pictures of buried penis surgery.  Other terms which describe the procedure could be paniculectomy of escutcheonectomy.  Escutcheon refers to the “shield” of pubic hair over the genitalia. This procedure may include tacking of the base of the penis to the pubic fascia and release of a possible penile-scrotal web


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Before buried (concealed or hidden) penis surgery picture
Note the crescentic markings for lower abdominal and pubic dermato-lipectomy


After buried (concealed or hidden) penis surgery picture

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