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Steroid abuser would like normal size testes

Dr. Reed, I’ve been into body building for eight years and slowly saw my testes atrophy or shrink.  Can this be restored non-surgically, and if not how about testicular implants?  Colin

Dear Colin,

First measure the long axis and transverse axis of your testes now and of course note the side, save you notes.. Then please stop performance enhancing drugs such as steroids and testosterone.  If after 2 to 3 months you see no satisfactory improvement, you may consider clomiphene citrate prescribed by a knowledgeable urologist. Clompihene (Clomid) is an estrogen blocker but serves to increase pituitary output to stimulate sperm production and testosterone production. Hopefully size as well.  Wait a few more months to see how this goes.  If unsuccessful then think soft natural feeling silicone testicular implants. The tip (upper pole) of these implants height-wise should always be below the emergence of your penis so as to not interfere with penetration.  Below are some photographic examples.  Other causes of testicular atrophy is a history of hernia repair, sports trauma, an testicular torsion


Harold M. Reed, M.D.


Bilateral testicular atrophy                  Appropriate size implants on both sides

Another patient with unilateral left sided atrophy, status now 2 equal testis sizes after testicular implant

Another patient of Dr. Reed, both sides receive testicular implants