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How do I get larger testicles, testicle implants?

Dr. Reed,  Testicular atrophy, help! After an adolescent bilateral inguinal hernia repair, felt as though my testicles did not seem to grow normally as one would expect with puberty.  Possibly also traumatic secondary to some sports injuries.  Thinking of testicle implants, Any advice?  Dave

Dear Dave,

We do several testicle implants every year.  Before and after pics of testicle implants can be seen on our web-site penisdoctor.com/before-after-testicular-enhancement.

We also have revised patients who had an unsatisfactory result relating to inappropriate size (lack of symmetry), or the implant has become exceptionally hard.  Didn’t feel natural.  Often when the testicle implants are removed the consistency feels soft, but what has happened is their surface generates a fibrotic reaction in the patient called capsular contracture.  We see this with breast implants as well.

The testicle implants we use (custom made) have not in our experience ever caused capsular contracture or hardness.  And they feel very soft to touch. .  When patients compare and contrast they definitely favor this touch.  Hardness is measured in durometers.  Ours are of low durometer silicone

The lower pole of the implants rest on the bottom of your scrotum, and their height should not compete with the emergence of the underside of your penis from the scrotum.  This could interfere with penetration.

Where does to implant go?  Answer: in front and if possible below your natural testicle. We do not want to enter the anatomical space of the true testicle, nor put any crescentic cap over your true testicle as this could result in atrophy and infertility.

Happy Holiday Season,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

                                                    Testicle implant before and after pics             

After pic of testicle implant, patient had right sided atrophy now balanced

Testicle implants placed on both sides after pic


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