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Tight frenulum is like a G-string, would like it removed

Dr. Reed, My frenulum is very tight like a G-string.  I don’t think this is normal and would like it removed.  Had an adult circumcision about 5 years ago, and cannot recall the details about why the doctor may have left it.  Carlos

Dear Carlos,

The frenulum’s purpose is to restore the foreskin to its original covering position over the head after an erection subsides.  For patients having a adult circumcision, leaving it seems superfluous. 80% will opt to have it removed, and 20% say “no” because they feel they will lose sensitivity.  Studies comparing the average ejaculatory time of men without vs. with penile frenulum show no difference.  Incidentally of the 20% that say “no”, 80-% come back and say “doctor, now do it.”  In neonates, the frenulum is so fragile that it usually dissembles during the procedure, so we seldom see an adult who had an infant circumcision with a frenulum.

If the frenulum is overly tight, some men will notice a downward angulation of the  of the penis called “frenulum breve” or the SST deformity named after the downward nose of the Concorde jet.

Removal of the frenulum is certainly minor surgery and can be done under local anesthesia.

Please see before and after circumcision pictures on our web-site penisdoctor.com

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
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SST deformity or frenulum breve

SST deformity or frenulum breve

Have a downward penile curvature when erect, can this be corrected during circumcision?

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SST deformity or Frenulum Breve (short frenulum)

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