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How can I remove silicone from my penis

Dr. Reed, Had a huge amount of silicone injected into my penis and was happier before.  I’d like it all removed if possible.  Raymond

Dear Raymond,

I am not a proponent of penile silicone injections into the penis as it tends to go into tissue planes of least resistance and the contours may be irregular.  Removing silicone may result in neuro-vascular injury.  Also there is stretching of the penile skin, and to avoid “bagginess” some trimming will have to be done.  We favor AlloDerm for penile girth enhancement which provides more even contours.  

Please see before and after penile girth enhancement photos on our web-site penisdoctor.com, as well as penile silicone nodules we have removed.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

Penile silicone picture

Penile silicone nodules removed picture

Penile silicone for girth enhancement. Good idea?

Dr. Reed, Do you inject fillers such as silicone into the penis for penile girth enhancement?  Lenny Dear Lenny, Personally, I do not. Any liquid product tends to go into tissue planes of least resistance, so there is a great potential for an uneven contour, not the perfectly cylindrical contour you envision.  Over the years…Continue Reading

How to deal with silicone lumps and deformed penis

Dr. Reed,  Had a bad experience with silicone injected into my penis and I am truly embarrassed to have sex.  Are you able to restore the appearance pretty much.  Roger Dear Roger, We are not advocates of injecting silicone, fat, or products such as PMMA into the penis, or inserting silicone sheets.  The outcome is…Continue Reading

Penile lumps after Silicone injection

Male Enlargement Surgery – Penile Enlargement Revisions and Silicone Disasters Fluids, gels and pastes tend to dissipate to tissue planes of least resistance. Unfortunately despite manual molding, these products do not necessary set-up right away. When you turn your back on what you have done, the results might not be as you expected. Penile girth…Continue Reading

Penile Nodules after Silicone Injection

Dr. Reed,  Had silicone injected into my penis to make it larger.  I have several lumps under my shaft and a few in the scrotum.  Can this be easily fixed?  Adam Dear Adam, We see Penile Silicone nodules frequently at the Reed Centre.  Please see penisdoctor.com/before-after-penile-enlargement-revisions-and-silicone-disasters/  For this reason we do not recommend any liquid…Continue Reading

Best procedure to enlarge the penis

Dear Dr. Reed,  What do you recommend for penile girth enhancement?  I’ve been looking at liposuctioned fat transfer, PMMA, silicone sheets, dermal-fat grafts and AlloDerm. Scott Dear Scott, Without question AlloDerm is the best way, although costly.  It provides a uniform girth and if you visit penisdoctor.com/before-after-penile-enlargement you’ll see before and after photos of AlloDerm…Continue Reading