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Seeking advice on Religious Circumcision

Dr. Reed, I am considering a religious circumcision with a Mohel. Any special advice?


Good afternoon Gilbert,

You have the option of having a religious circumcision in our office based surgery center
with a Mohel or Rabbi present to officiate with prayers, but allowing me to do your circumcision.

Results of our work are published on our web-site penisdoctor.com or adult-male-circumcision.com

Click on photographic examples. You may wish to ask the Mohel for before and after pictures of his

With me, you have 4 circumcision styles, if you are fussy. Remove or do not remove the frenulum,
loose or tight or moderate, cut high low or moderate, and cut on the oblique (parallel to the rim
of the head of the penis) or perpendicular to the shaft.

During your phone call you asked about absorbable sutures and iodine ointment. Yes, we use absorbable
sutures but perhaps more delicate than might be conventionally used and more rapidly absorbable
(Vicryl Rapide). You thought using absorbable and not having suture removal 12 to 14 days
afterwards as we recommend was “pro-forma.” However, please bear in mind 10% of patients
who do not have sutures removed will have permanent cross hatch marks on their penis.

We do not used iodine ointment but steri-strips over the incision which confers added tensile strength.
When you shower the steri-strips become wet and is better for wound healing. After your stitches
are removed we apply fresh steri-strips and these should be on for another 10 days or so. Below
are posted some circumcision photos of patients we have seen and or done.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami

After circumcision photo (performedf by Dr. Reed)

Cross hatch circumcision scars (patient had circumcision done elsewhere)