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Boyfriend uncircumcised had sex without condom and is bleeing

Is an Adult Circumcision needed?  Not mine medical question about me.  Happened with my uncircumcised boyfriend. He says he had sex before, but not without condoms. First time without condom with me he was bleeding, a short while, but really red blood. It scared me! He said it was related to foreskin, is this true? If not, then what else can it be related to? HELP!  Marylou

Dear Marylou,

The best time to assess where the bleeding is coming from is as soon as noted.  Could be a tear in the foreskin or frenulum.  Perhaps the condom served as an extra “immobilization” protection.  With this information, he should see a urologist ideally as soon as possible, to verify the problem before it heals. Could be tearing of the foreskin if phimosis.  Could be irritation of the head (balanitis) or of the foreskin or prepuce, called posthitis.   I am sure some recommendations will be made.  Some of which may be non-operative.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami