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Would like vasectomy and adult male circumcision

Dr. Reed, Would you be willing to do a bilateral vasectomy with my adult male circumcision?  Keith

Dear Keith,  Yes, we have done several simultaneous bilateral vasectomies along with adult male circumcision.  We’ll place both anesthetics at the same time. Please understand if you are married we need approval from your wife as of course there is an obvious loss of fertility effect in your relationship.  Might as well recover from both procedures at the same time.  

You should know that you will not be cleared for unprotected sex until you produce 2 seminal specimens which confirm the success of your vasectomy.  Complications may include with low incidence: post op pain, swelling, a collection of blood called a hematoma, infection.

Post vasectomy pain syndrome PVPS is different from acute post procedure pain. “Acute post procedure pain typically resolves 2–4 weeks postoperatively whereas PVPS continues to persist or may occur months to years after the vasectomy. PVPS can be an extremely frustrating problem to treat for both the patient and the clinician, as there remains no widely accepted protocol for evaluation and treatment of the problem. PVPS is defined as constant or intermittent testicular pain for 3 months or longer with a severity that interferes with daily activities prompting the patient to seek medical treatment. The exact incidence of PVPS is unknown but was estimated to be very low (<1%) in the past. However surveys in recent years have found that almost 15% of men suffer from PVPS, with 2% of men experiencing pain intense enough to impact their quality of life.8,9 One review reported that 1 in 1000 men who undergo a vasectomy will sustain long-term pain requiring surgical intervention.”   (copied from Asian Journal of Urology)

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After picture of high and tight adult circumcision (patient of Dr. Reed)