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Peyronies plaque incsion and grafting

Use of a lyophilized bovine pericardium graft to repair tunical defect in patients with Peyronie’s disease: experience in a clinical setting.  JR Otero and associates publish their results in Asian Journal of Andrology [22 Jan 2016, 19(3):316-320]

An obvious advantage of this approach is restoration of penile length

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Urological Surgery – Miami

Before picture of Peyronie’s disease (PD)

Peyronie’s disease treated with plaque excision and insertion of Tutoplast bovine pericardial graft
(patient of Dr. Harold Reed)


More on Xiaflex, Collagenease clostruidiumn histolyticum (CCH)

Xiaflex update appears In Sexual Medical Reviews , Volume 5, Number 4, October 2017.  A review of the literature is reported by 4 authors.   2 authors report conflict of interest in that they are investigators for Auxillium (the maker of Xiaflex in the US) and consultants for Sobi (the makers of Xiapex in Europe).     They…Continue Reading

Before and after pictures of Peyronie’s surgery (FAQ) Dr. Reed

Dr Reed, Do you have any before and after photos of Peyronie’s surgery?  Neal Dear Neil, Yes.  Before and after pictures of Peyronie’s correction are posted on our web site penisdoctor.com/before-after-peyronies  Please keep in mind surgery is not indicated until there has been stability of evolution of penile angulation including a pain free interval for a good 6 months…Continue Reading

Why we recommend the Grip System for Penile Enlargement as the best traction device kit out there

The Grip System has been out there for 30 plus years and I personally know the cordial owner, Jimmy Mathewuse (pronounced Mathews).  He has designed and perfected the components of his kits.  He is available for questions 24/7 or his associates will on occasion pick up the phone.  He’s a straight arrow, and will never rush…Continue Reading

Peyronie’s (FAQ) | Treatment | The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery

Dr. Reed, Any specific recommendations for treating Peyronie’s?  Have 60 degree ventral (downward) angulation which makes penetration near impossible.. Neil Der Neil, You have my sympathies. Every year or so the American Urological Association  (AUA) update the guidelines for treating Peyronie’s There are 2 stages.   The first is the active phase which include pain…Continue Reading

Peyronie’s (FAQ) | Dr. Harold Reed MD | The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF PEYRONIE’S DISEASE AUA Guideline (2015) Purpose This guideline’s purpose is to provide direction to clinicians and patients regarding how to recognize Peyronie’s disease, conduct a valid diagnostic process, and approach treatment with the goals of maximizing symptom control, sexual function, and patient and partner quality of life while minimizing adverse events…Continue Reading

Have a downward penile curvature when erect, can this be corrected during circumcision?

Dr. Reed, I have a tendency for downward angulation of the distal end of my penis when erect.  Can this be easily corrected during my upcoming adult circumcision.  Donald Dear Donald, You may be describing an SST deformity named after the Concorde jet with the downward nose.  This is often attributed to tightening or fibrosis of…Continue Reading

Peyronie’s and Painful Erections

Dr. Reed,  Told I have Peyronie’s. I have had a upward bend to my penis when erect for a good 5 years with pain.  It’s as though something on the inside is trying to break through or come out.  Can’t feel too much, and I’ve been asked before “don’t remember any traumatic event preceding this,…Continue Reading

Peyronie’s non-operative treatment

Dr. Reed,  Have upward curvature during erections. Is there any non-operative treatment you can rem comment.  Noah Dear Noah,   Some angulation of erection (Peyronie’s) is noted in 3% of men.  The most common causes are female above trauma or perhaps rolling over during nocturnal erections.  Most urologists would say, upward curvature if any is…Continue Reading

Xiaflex for Peyronie’s Disease redux

Xiaflex (collagenase clostridium histolyticum of CCH) has been out since about 2010, 1st for Dupuytren’s contracture (palmar) contracture of the hand.  The FDA approved Xiaflex for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease in December 2013.  My opinion as to the practical value considering the results and cost has not been laudable to say the least.  But…Continue Reading