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Waddle of skin still left after my adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, Seems to be a waddle of skin underneath my penis after an adult circumcision done last year by another doctor.  How easy is his to remove?  Henry

Dear Henry,  We see penile skin waddles all the time as there tends to be a laxity and redundancy of skin on the underside of many penises.  Naturally once circumcised you anticipate a smooth cylindrical result.  This is minor surgery. 

In our practice, we look at the patient very carefully before applying a dressing and give the patient a hand held mirror to be sure we all are happy with the result.

Please initiate consultation by sending some photos with your specific critique.  

Do look at our web-site penisdoctor.com for before and after pictures of adult circumcisions and revisions

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Photo of penile skin waddle

Photo of penile skin waddle

Photo of penile skin waddle (probably left over frenulum)

Had adult circumcision and have a waddle of skin under my penis

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision about 2 years ago and there is a waddle of skin on the underside near the incision line.  Was told this would self correct, but still persists.  Any explanation?   Roger   Dear Roger,  The opportunity to remove this waddle was there when you were circumcised  Waddles can be attributed to…Continue Reading