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Need a penile skin bridge removed

Dr. Reed,  Need a penile skin bridge removed.  Is this minor surgery and do you have and before and after pics of penile skin bridge removal?  Clinton

Dear Clinton, 

Penile skin bridges are usually remnants of an infantile circumcision.  And penile tunnels may be secondary to incomplete removal of absorbable sutures. 

The annoyance aside from distracting appearance stems from, secretions continually shed, as do some desquamation of oil and cells from all over the penile skin surface.  This normally never accumulates like smegma under the foreskin, because of daily hygiene.  Cosmetically the results tend to revert back to a normal situation such that there is no perceptible scar.  The operation is minor surgery and done under local anesthesia

Please visit our web-site penisdoctor.com for many before and after photos of penile skin bridges and penile tunnels.  Also you will find before and after adult circumcision pics

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Penile tunnel (pic) secondary to absorbable suture remnant

Penile skin bridge before pic

Penile skin bridge after pic


How does glanular synechia differ from a penile skin bridge or tunnel

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Penile Skin Bridge or Tunnel or Adhesion

A penile skin bridge or tunnel may be called a penile skin adhesion but differs from  synechia where the skin surfaces are incompletely separated or never fully separated.  In normal development the glans separates from the foreskin.. . Penile skin bridges or tunnels most commonly occur as a consequence of an improperly healed circumcision. Penile…Continue Reading

Penile skin bridges and tunnels

Dr. Reed, Have a Penile Bridge or Tunnel where I had an adult circumcision with a clamp  many years ago and it continually sheds black dirt.  How easy is this to remove? Lance Dear Lance, We have collected many photos of Penile Skin Bridges or Penile Skin Tunnels over the years.  Simply they need to…Continue Reading