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Concealed (buried, hidden) penis needs release to the way it was

Dr. Reed,  Hope you can help me with a hidden (some say concealed or buried) penis.  Saw our work on penisdoctor.com/before-after-concealed-or-hidden-penis and was impressed.  Roger

Dear Roger,

Thank you for looking at before and after pictures of buried hidden, concealed) penis surgery.  If you remember your penile length when you were younger was much longer, that’s a good start.  The techniques may involve penile traction, a pubic lift or escutheonectomy and perhaps release of a penile scrotal web or turkey neck


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami
Buried, hidden or concealed penis before picture


Buried, hidden or concealed penis after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

Penile scrotal webbing correction needed | The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Surgery | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed, Live in Dallas and have seen the many photos of penile scrotal webbing on your site penisdoctor.com/before-after-penile-scrotal-web  Had an adult circumcision  4 years ago, now 33 and hoensrtly this detracts from my penile length appearance.  Can you recommend a doctor nearby who does release of penile scrotal web.  Cary Dear Cary, Penile scrotal…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Buried penis also called hidden or concealed penis), how treated Dr. Harold Reed

Dr. Reed, I believe I have what has been classically described as a buried or concealed penis, which has been a pronounced inhibition from sexual encountes.. How is this treated?  Is there any hope that some day I’ll be passable?  Jeff Dear Jeff,   The term hidden, buried or concealed penis relates to children as well…Continue Reading

FAQ Penile Scrotal Web, How Best to Remove Dr. Reed

Dr. Reed, Have a penile scrotal web, so called turkey neck.  Aside from making my penis look shorter, scrotal hair is dragging into the vagina creating a pulling sensation.  MIckey Dear Mickey, Penile scrotal webs can be seen on uncircumcised as well as circumcised men, especially men who have had an overly aggressive circumcision.  Yes, I…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web (turkey neck) detracts from my true length

Dear Dr. Reed,  Believe I have a penile scrotal web or so called turkey neck which detraxcts from my true length.  Yes, I probably had an overly aggressive circumcision a few years ago. Now time to take corrective action,.I’ll send you photos. Are you available this July? David Dear David, Revising penile scrotal webs is…Continue Reading

Seeking circumcision revision and correction of penile scrotal web (turkey neck)

I have a mild case of excess foreskin remaining from an adult circumcision. I would also consider the turkey neck (penile scrotal web) a mild case. (If you desire photos, I can email them to you). I am wondering if you are comfortable performing removal of the excess foreskin and turkey neck and performing glans…Continue Reading

Help needed for a hidden (shrinking) penis

Dear Dr. Reed, My penis has gotten quite a bit smaller than it used to be.  Another urologist said I have a hidden, buried, or concealed penis. Very embarrassing.  Do you believe penile traction will pull it back out.  I was always a grower not a show-er.  But even given that, this is downright not…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web (turkey neck) seems to be limiting length

Dr. Reed, Had an ultra tight circumcision and seems to have developed a turkey neck or penile-scrotal web. Is this easy to fix? Kenny Dear Kenny, We see penile scrotal webs frequently and it can occur in uncircumcised men as well as this is a transitional zone.  Surely an overzealous or aggressive circumcision can produce…Continue Reading

Is a penile scrotal web effecting my penile length

Dear4 Dr. Reed, Is a penile scrotal web effecting my penile length.  Had an adult circumcision 3 years agio and think I look shorter?  Rusty   Dear Rusty, A penile scrotal web can create the illusion of a shorter penis on side view, and if recessed as shown in our gallery of before and after photos,…Continue Reading

Can you revise my circumcision, fix a penile scrotal web, and do glans enhancement all at the same time?

Dr. Reed,  Are you able to revise my circumcision, fix a penile scrotal web, and do AlloDerm glans enhancement all at the same time?  I only get 2 weeks off a year?  Nestor Dear Nestor, We insert AlloDerm to enhance the glans via an underside  transverse incision in the coronal sulcus from about 9 to 3…Continue Reading