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Do you think my penis is overly large, should I be concerned?

Dr. Reed, My overly large penis size is a blessing and a curse.  When ladies see my penis even flaccid they reach not my
penis for smelling salts.  Politely they are timid about having sex with me.  Any recommendations?  Elton

Dear Elton  Thank you for your penile enlargement photos.  The most cost effective answer is to find an anatomically 
suitable lady and proceed slowly.  Listen to her and she’ll advise. You may wish to use some lubricant to minimize trauma even if she is moist.  

Vaginal tissue has the capacity to stretch but slowly.  Penetrating depth is another concern and it is possible to cause internal injuries with rough sex

Generally speaking taller women have capacity for more depth.

Please continue to Email us.  You could consider penile plication, but first appreciate your God given anatomy.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Urological Surgery – Miami

Photo of endowed man with large penis               Photo of endowed man with large penis