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(FAQ) How does the LGX penile implant work? |The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

D. Reed, Will the LGX penile implant make my penis longer?  Burt

Dear Burt,  Appreciate your visiting our web-site penisdoctor.com and looking at before and after pictures of inflatable penile implants.  I have performed inflatable penile implant surgery for 30 plus years (over 2000 patients).  LGX as you may know stands for length and girth enhancement or expansion as the cylinders are expansile.  They were originally sold by American Medical Systems, now Boston Scientific.  Penile length achieved during penile implant insertion depends on the corporal length, but this can be enhanced with surgical technique and pre-operative penile traction. Mentor penile implants, now sold by Coloplast claims their expansile girth is wider.  

In that the head of the penis (glans) does not swell during inflate mode, we have to tell our patients the erect penile implant length may be 3/8 or 1/2″ shorter than their best erection of yesteryear.  Again, there are techniques to enhance penile length.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Surgery | Miami

Inflatable penile implant picture, flaccid mode (patient of Dr. Reed)

Inflatable penile implant picture, erect mode (patient of Dr. Reed)


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