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Peyronie’s producing a penile curvature

Dr. Reed,  I’ve been diagnosed with Peyronies’s and can feel a penile plaque on the right side of my penis, causing my erection to point to the right.  Are there some non-surgical solutions?.  Oliver

Dear Oliver,

About 3 to 9% of men have penile curvature.  If you can still penetrate without pain to you or your partner, surely there are men who would live with a minimal degree of curvature.  I think penile traction has shown benefit and this is not surgical.  Most urologists would not recommend surgery for Peyronie’s until there has been no progression of curvature and no more pain (if that had existed) for a good 6 months to 1 year.

The acute phase, lasting for 6–18 months, is often characterized by the development of penile curvature and onset of pain with erection. The acute phase is followed by a chronic phase, characterized by negligible penile pain, and the establishment of a stable penile abnormality.

Former treatment options, including Vitamin E, Potaba, and anti-inflammatories, have been tried but have not been shown to be clinically effective.

Penile extra-corporeal shock wave lithotripsy ESWT has been proposed as a possible nonsurgical PD treatment, but few reports have reported any beneficial effects. Most studies did not observe any significant improvement in penile curvature.8385 An exploratory meta-analysis in 2004 by Hauck et al did not reveal any significant benefits of ESWT on improvement of penile curvature or plaque size.

Collagenase can be used in both the acute and chronic phases of PD but is very costly and associated with some infrequent but severe side effects such as corporal rupture and cannot be used for plaques on the underside (urethral side) of the penis.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

366    post-op with curvature corrected and penile prosthesis installed

Pre-op Peyronie’s                       Post-op patient of Dr. Reed


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