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How easy is to do a meatotomy while doing a circumcision?

Dr.  I have a narrowing of my urinary opening which another urologist called metal stenosis.  He said I’d need a meatotomy to have a full forward directed steam. Jeff

Dear Jeff,  A meatus has to be calibrated with bougie a boules to be sure the constriction is just at the opening and not deeper, which is more complex to handle.

Below are pictures of bougie a boules which could be inserted under local anesthesia to check on the patentcy of the rest of the urethra.

Image result for bougie a boule

Opening a meatal stenosis or doing a meatotomy is easy in the you already have local anesthesia for your circumcision.  A few absorbable sutures are placed on either side to be sure it heals smoothly. The rest of the circumcision and circumcision style is performed as per Jeff.

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After pic for adult circumcision (patient of Dr. Reed)

Can you do a meatotomy when I have my adult circumcision?

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