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Can you do a circumcision with a Prince Albert piercing? Albert asks

Dr. Reed, I have a Prince Albert piercing and am uncircumcised.  I am seeking to have an adult circumcision and not disturb my Prince Albert piercing.  It is possible to also remove the frenulum.  Will my dressing get soaked with urine.  Albert

Dear Albert,

Do you remove the Prince Albert piercing for any reason?   If not, I can leave it intact and cleanse the Prince Albert piercing with a prepping solution like the rest of your penis.  The frenulum distal to the piercing can be leveled but very carefully and certainly removed proximal to the piercing.  If no urine is expelled now via the underside of your penis, it would be safe to include the piercing under your dressing or leave it exposed as the circumcision line will be a lot higher than the piercing.  Hope this makes sense. Sleep an extra hour tonight.  It’s on me.

Please see before and after adult circumcision pictures on our web-site penisdoctor.com  The circumcision style except for low is up to you

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after adult circumcision picture, high and tight

Too loose after adult circumcision

Patient had adult circumcision 10 years ago and never really happy about laxity of skin. Requests revision. Circ done very close to glans (don’t know why). Options is to make another incision/scar higher and have 2 circles of fairly uniform circumference, or make incision again low and place dart on underside to avoid puckers. Patient…Continue Reading

High versus low circumcision

Dr. Reed,  What is meant by a high circumcision.  Is this preferable to a low circumcision?  David Dear David, Think of a man standing up with a flaccid penis.  The closer the incision line is to your pubis on your penile shaft the higher it is.  Or said another way, a low circumcision is closer…Continue Reading

High and Tight Circumcision versus Low and Tight

I am scheduled for circumcision consultation on Feb. 2nd and I have two questions. 1) What are the Pros and Cons (medical and cosmetical) on the CIRCLIST prefered method of High & Tight vs. your seemingly prefered method of Low & Tight? Is there a mid point?Continue Reading