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Should I have my duplicated urethra “Lacuna Magna” removed during my upcoming circumcision?

Dr. Reed,  I have 2 openings on the head of my penis, one above the other, and it has not bothered me, my stream seems to come ouT mostly from the lower opening.  When your last saw me, you called this a false dorsal dimple and another medical term is called Lacuna Magna. Is it a big “add-on” to do this or should I leave well enough alone?  Scott

Dear Scott,

Surprisingly in a pediatric urology text, 30% of newborns have this variation, and the likelihood of symptoms such as bleeding or pain or dribbling after voidiing is reportedly very small.  If requested to “normalize” or remove the partition, a crushing clamp technique is used to open the wall separating the 2 channels.  More than likely the upper channel does not extend more than a 1/2″ into the glans.  There is normally a dilation of the urethra this area called the fossa navicularis.

What actual function it serves (at this time in the evolution  of mankind, is unclear to me.  The choice is yours and certainly we can talk about this more when you come here.  You can think of this procedure as a type of meatotomy.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami