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Would like a high and tight adult circumcision, do you have any pics of patients you have done

Dr. Reed, Would like a high and tight adult circumcision, do you have any adult circumcision pics of patients you have done? Geraldo  PS  How do I get to your office from Pompano?

Dear Geraldo,

We have done about 8,000 adult circumcisions over the years and are frequently requested to do a high and tight adult circumcision.  Please understand if you are a grow-er, not a show-er, we have to leave enough skin to cover your erect penis.  If this is not done, then your long erection will draw skin from the pubis with hair on to the shaft.  Same for drawing scrotal skin onto the shaft.  This is referred to as a penile-scrotal web or turkey neck and detracts from your viable erect length.

Probably, the easiest and fastest way is to get on I-95 and get off in North Miami at exit 10A, Then drive 5 miles east.  You’ll be right in front of our office building.  Parking in the back is free.



Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Adult Circumcision | Miami
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Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154

loves his circumcised penis

High and tight circumcision style (patient of Dr. Reed)


Going east on 125th Street, becomes 123rd Street as it takes a jog to the south, and continuing over the Broad Causeway becomes Kane Concourse. Voila. Look for the red H on the map.  Thank you Google.


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