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Can you revise my circumcision, fix a penile scrotal web, and do glans enhancement all at the same time?

Dr. Reed,  Are you able to revise my circumcision, fix a penile scrotal web, and do AlloDerm glans enhancement all at the same time?  I only get 2 weeks off a year?  Nestor

Dear Nestor,

We insert AlloDerm to enhance the glans via an underside  transverse incision in the coronal sulcus from about 9 to 3 o’clock.  Our approach is to go underside to avoid transecting the neurovascular bundle which could result is appreciable loss of glans sensitivity. Please see a photo below.  Certainly you don’t want Dr. Reed to lift the glans caps by making an incision on the top. Doing simultaneous surgery and making a circumferential incision below could place some added risk to wound healing. Looking at your circumcision scarring there is a lot of work to be done.  Possibly we could do the penile scrotal web at the same time. The same patient who has “get-there-itis” is never happy with related rush rush complications.

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Need a circumcision revision, release of penile scotal web, and glans enhancement

dorsal neuro.vasc

Pathway of the penile dorsal nerve as it leaves shaft and goes into the glans

intra-op, neurovascular bundle lifted, plaque removed, pericardial patch inserted, perfectly straight penis

This is a patient having unrelated surgery showing the dorsal penile neuro-vascular bundle


Penile Enlargement, especially the head or glans

Dr.  Reed, I am considering Penile Enlargement, length and girth.  In particular how do you enlarge the head or glans. Arlen Dear Arlen, 0.  First, initiate a consultation on phone with a urologist of your choice. 1.  Order the traction kit directly from “The Grip System” 2.  Try traction for a good 3 weeks for…Continue Reading