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Where can I see a gallery of adult circumcision before and after pics

Dr. Reed,  Where can I see a gallery of adult circumcision before and after pics?  Earl

Dear Earl,  The best web-sites are from urologists who do lots and lots of circumcisions.  We have done about 8,000 adult circumcisions.  We give the patient a choice of 4 circumcision styles.  Remove or do not remove the frenulum, cut high medium or low, tight loose or moderate, and cut perpendicular to the long axis of the penis, or parallel to to rim with inner skin equidistant all the way around (most common).

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Moderately high and tight adult circumcision picture

Moderately high and tight adult circumcision picture

frenulum intact (not removed)

frenulum has been removed with circumcision

After adult circumcision picture frenulum has been removed (patient of Dr. Reed)

Tight frenulum is like a G-string, would like it removed

Dr. Reed, My frenulum is very tight like a G-string.  I don’t think this is normal and would like it removed.  Had an adult circumcision about 5 years ago, and cannot recall the details about why the doctor may have left it.  Carlos Dear Carlos, The frenulum’s purpose is to restore the foreskin to its original…Continue Reading

Interested in Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures

Dear Dr. Reed,  Would like to see your Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures.  Although I live on the west coast would happily travel to Florida to have the circumcision style done just right.  A friend had suggested I look at adult circumcision before after images.  Clive Dear Clive, Yes, many Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures are displayed on…Continue Reading

Long frenulum remnant

Dr. Reed, After an adult circumcision still have a frenulum web on the underside of my penis.  How difficult is this to remove?  Reggie Dear Reggie, Frenulum remnants can detract from an otherwise perfect adult circumcision.  Fixing this is more a matter of cosmetics than function, and is fairly easy to do under local anesthesia. …Continue Reading

(FAQ) Before and after circumcision pictures showing frenulectomy

Dr. Reed, Need some before and after pictures of adult circumcision to include frenulectomy?  This is a circumcision style consideration. Gopal Dear Gopal,   Thank you for considering the Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision for your adult circumcision.  We are very respectful of circumcision style preferences.  For example high and tight circumcision.  We have done about…Continue Reading

Have a downward penile curvature when erect, can this be corrected during circumcision?

Dr. Reed, I have a tendency for downward angulation of the distal end of my penis when erect.  Can this be easily corrected during my upcoming adult circumcision.  Donald Dear Donald, You may be describing an SST deformity named after the Concorde jet with the downward nose.  This is often attributed to tightening or fibrosis of…Continue Reading

SST deformity or Frenulum Breve (short frenulum)

Dear Dr. Reed,  What is a frenulum breve and should this be removed during my upcoming adult circumcision with you? Brice   Dear Brice, The term frenulum breve simply means short frenulum.  As you may know, the role of the frenulum atavistically is to restore foreskin coverage over the head or glans after an erection.  In…Continue Reading

Phimosis and adult circumcision

(taken from Wikipedia) Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin of the penis cannot be pulled back past the glans. A balloon-like swelling under the foreskin may occur with urination. In teenagers and adults, it may result in pain during an erection, but is otherwise not painful. Those affected are at greater risk of…Continue Reading

Unhappy with my circumcision

Dr. Reed, Need a Circumcision Revision.  i’m writting you from very far away, because i am unhappy with the result of my circumcision. This was performed because i had redundant foreskin, which made me had smegma and balanitis. I would like to know that if even i am from another country, can you see my…Continue Reading

Had an Adult Circumcision but noticed no difference afterwards

Had an Adult Circumcision.  I was circumcised in my early 20’s but did not notice any difference in appearance afterwards, except for a scar (and don’t understand why, and was not given the opportunity to ask).  I am 35 and I would like to undergo the procedure once again but wonder if the first circ…Continue Reading