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How do I restore length after dermal-fat graft

Dr. Reed,  Had a dermal-fat graft for penile girth enhancement done elsewhere about 5 years ago elsewhere and my length seems to have gone south by about 1 to 2 inches.  Is this correctable.  Dennis

Dear Dennis,

Unfortunately the nature of many penile dermal-fat grafts is shrinkage along with loss of fat. That’s why we stopped doing dermal-fat grafts about 15 years ago. Also an unsightly harvesting scar for the graft is just not cosmetically acceptable especially when obtained from the lower back.  The remedy is to remove the dermal-fat graft knowing there’s a risk of injury to the neuro-vascular bundle. After 6 to 8 weeks, we recommend the use of penile traction to stretch out the tissues.  Oft times much penile length can be gained just by removal of the graft which contacts like a tether.


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Pubic fat mass and loss of penile ength after dermal-fat graft

Dr. Reed,  Have had a dermal-fat graft several years ago and honestly most of the mass effect as been lost except there is a wad of fat just below my pubis which interferes with penetration. Love to have that removed and whatever you can do to perhaps restore length. Chip Dear Chip, Frequently dermal-fat grafts…Continue Reading