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Regret not having my adult circumcision sutures removed

Dr. Reed,  Did not have my adult circumcision sutures removed.  Was told it is not necessary. They will melt out.  Would like an adult circumcision revision.  Nathan

Dear Nathan,

We tell all our patients even though we use expensive fast absorbing suture, “Vicryl Rapide”, they should be removed in 12 to 14 days because 10% of patients may develop permanent cross hatch/hash marks. .  Also the further sutures are placed apart, the more tension there will be on fewer sutures.  Sutures should be tied just to approximate the skin, not any more tightly than that.  Below is an example also of typical numerous sutures we use

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetically Performed Circumcision – Miami

Cross hatch (hash) marks occurring in about 10% of patients who
are told, “don’t have to remove sutures.”


More sutures, less tension on any one suture

Seeking advice on Religious Circumcision

Dr. Reed, I am considering a religious circumcision with a Mohel. Any special advice? Gilbert Good afternoon Gilbert, You have the option of having a religious circumcision in our office based surgery center with a Mohel or Rabbi present to officiate with prayers, but allowing me to do your circumcision. Results of our work are…Continue Reading