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Interested in Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures

Dear Dr. Reed,  Would like to see your Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures.  Although I live on the west coast would happily travel to Florida to have the circumcision style done just right.  A friend had suggested I look at adult circumcision before after images.  Clive

Dear Clive,

Yes, many Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures are displayed on our web-site penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision  As you can see there are many different circumcision styles to choose from: remove or do not remove the frenulum; cut high, moderate, or low; tight, loose or moderate, cut parallel to the rim of the corona (typical) or perpendicular to the shaft.  Your best assurance to a good cosmetic result aside from the experience and attentiveness of your surgeon is convalescence for 2 days and compliance with instructions.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures (low and tight)


Adult Circumcision Before and After Pictures (high and tight)

What about just using glue for closing?

Hi Paul, We use sutures and steristrips and a 2 layered soft conforming gauze (cotton and Coban).  Under the skin are many cell and tissue layers and unless there is some apposition of these layers, the infrastructure is not properly reconstituted.  I know you wouldn’t drive over a bridge with the most perfect asphalt coating poured over a deficient infrastructure.…Continue Reading

Circumcision sutures and cross hatch marks

Dr. Reed,  Should my adult circumcision sutures be removed, in that my doctor says they’re absorbable.  How soon can I have sex?  Daren Dear Daren,  It takes about 7 to 8 weeks for a properly approximated incision to regain full tensile strength.  I advise patients not to have penetrating sex until then.  And if there…Continue Reading

Family acceptance for Circumcision from my father

Seeking guidance on adult circumcision.  i am 20 years old and uncircumcised but have always had a strong wish to have it done.  My only real fears are complications and acceptance from my family, particularly my father who is uncircumcised. Aside from that it is my wish for a better appearance of my penis and more…Continue Reading

Cosmetic Circumcision | Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dr. Reed, What makes a cosmetic circumcision cosmetic? Roger Dear Roger, First, the desire of the urologist to do the best possible job. This means conferring with the patient to be sure, he is getting the circumcision style he wishes. 2.  Not rushing.  Whereas a circumcision can be “knocked off” in 15 minutes, after the…Continue Reading

Mininmzing cirumcision scars on a keloid former

I am an Afro-American and keloid former.  What can be done to minimize circumcision scars? Devon Dear Devon, Fortunately for you, keloids are very rarely seen in the genitalia of Afro-American men or women or for that matter Caucasians.  Just a few cases are reported in the literature.  We do recommend that you have a…Continue Reading

Circumcision suture, good/better

Recently we have looked at glue for closure, staples, letting a ring fall off after several days, and also suture.  I favor Vicryl Rapide which admittedly loses tensile strength faster as it is reabsorbed faster, but has less of a tendency to form suture tracts. Studies on women who have had episiotomies to facilitate delivery…Continue Reading