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Low and tight, is this the best way to minimize likelihood of HIV

Dr. Reed,

Considering having an adult circumcision for hygiene but also to minimize acquisition of HIV.  Is low and tight the preferred circumcision style, and provide more assurance the final result will be more uniform. Rick

Dear Rick,

The best way to avoid HIV acquisition is to avoid promiscuous sex.  Should this happen, go to a community health center ASAP and obtain some prophylactic medication.

True, the inner skin is the portal through which HIV viruses may enter the body, but cuts or bruises anywhere along the shaft are also invasion points.  The rationale that leaving too much inner skin can provide an unpredictable result doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  The skin should be cut with equal tension all the way around.  The circumcision is approximated first at 6 o’clock then 12 o’clock , the 3 and 9 o’clock and if the skin is not even a correction can be made to balance it out.

When a circumcision is too low, the circumferences which needs be be joined are unequal, the lower being small as this is the locale of the “neck” of the shaft.  If that is noted, a V-cut may have to be taken on the upper side to match.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.


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What about just using glue for closing?

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Circumcision sutures and cross hatch marks

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What type of circumcision styles is most cosmetic

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Big circumcision scar, can this be corrected?

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