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Could use some testicular enhancement

Dr. Reed,  Thinking of testicle implants Maybe it’s because when I was younger I was into body building and took steroids. Have visited your web-site penisdoctor.com/before-after-testicular-enhancement and like what I see.  Any special advice to a prospective patient?


Adam, Yes we do many testicle implants every year.  I believe our implants feel the most natural (have demos you can examine on the desk top).  Have never seen capsular contractual because the surface is texturized.  Capsular contraction or capsular contracture is when an inflammatory reaction tensing the capsule that normally surrounds the implant and makes them feel unnaturally hard.  Capsular contraction is also seen with breast implants.  A smooth Marlex disc not tab is attached to the lower pole for suture fixation so they stay put.  Marlex tabs (old fashioned) are palpable as a tab.  You don’t want that.

Did you know the world’s shortest poem is “Adam had ’em.”  There are some caveats when doing a testicular implant.  Naturally if both sides are strophic, we put in bilateral testicular implants.  If one side is involved only, such as a patient who had trauma, or cryptorchid and perhaps a hernia repair that injured a testicular artery and resulted in atrophy, then we do one side.  Under such circumstances it seems more natural if both sides are the same or symmetrical.  We do not touch your existing testes as they are making testosterone regardless of their size.   The implant is placed outside the testicular sack.  A pocket for the testicular implant is created laterally at the bottom of the scrotum (sub-dartos approach).  The incision is made well above the implant on each side to minimize infection, should the incision line open slightly or be inflamed for a while.  Remember overly large implants will create an illusion that your penile size is small, so go “natural”.  Also we do not recommend sizes that even when sitting on the bottom of your scrotum are so large they rise above the emergence of your penile shaft.  This will interfere with penetration.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

Patient 1: Testicular implant. Which side? Patient's left. Well healed incision and normal gonadal contour, fairly symmetrical result.

Post op testicular implant for right sided atrophy, now both sides look the same

Pre-op testicular implant patient showing bilateral testicular atrophy

Same patient post-op picture after bilateral testicular implants


Post-op picture of bilateral testicle implants


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