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How can I remove silicone from my penis

Dr. Reed, Had a huge amount of silicone injected into my penis and was happier before.  I’d like it all removed if possible.  Raymond

Dear Raymond,

I am not a proponent of penile silicone injections into the penis as it tends to go into tissue planes of least resistance and the contours may be irregular.  Removing silicone may result in neuro-vascular injury.  Also there is stretching of the penile skin, and to avoid “bagginess” some trimming will have to be done.  We favor AlloDerm for penile girth enhancement which provides more even contours.  

Please see before and after penile girth enhancement photos on our web-site penisdoctor.com, as well as penile silicone nodules we have removed.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

Penile silicone picture

Penile silicone nodules removed picture

Seeking penile enlargement, practical suggestions?

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Penile enlargement, what are the options, is surgery necessary (FAQ) | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre

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Is penile enlargement a practical thought for a 50 year old man

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Penile Enlargement, can this really be done

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Seeking a longer penis, girth too

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Phalloplasty (penile enlargement)

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