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FAQ | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Adult Circumcision and Circumcision Revision

Dr. Reed,  Think my adult circumcision is too long and afraid I will continue to have balanitis.  How soon can you re-operate and any suggestions in the meantime. Freddy

Dear Freddy,

Dear Freddy,  

Sorry to hear your balanitis has not been resolved by a recent circumcision.  Unless there is a medical emergency I would wait a good 4 months after adult circumcision before you have a revision, as your condition may surprisingly improve.  When sufficiently healed, daily retraction if that’s what is needed and hygiene is certainty an asset.  You may wish to visit your surgeon or urologist for followup.  Certainly I would be in interested in seeing pictures of your adult circumcision as it is now.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Adult Circumcision and Revision | Miami

Mature Circumcision 5/6

After Picture of Adult Circumcision patient of Dr. Reed

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