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Testicular enhancement for unilateral torsion with atrophy

Dr. Reed, As an adolescent had unilateral torsion which was diagnosed late, and although corrected my right testicle is atrophic.  Would you recommend removal, or a testcile implant, or both..  Doesn’t look right. Jim

Dear Jim,

We are all entitled to look our best at least normal, whether a lady is seeking breast augmentation or a gentleman is looking for a normal scrotal appearance.  Please see before an after pictures of testicular implants on our web-site… penisdoctor.com/before-after-testicular-enhancement

Even a moderately atrophic testicle may be making testosterone and possibly may make fertility easier, so I would not remove it.  If it is obviously high, possibly a secondary orchidopexy could be performed.  Generally speaking I would recommend you consider an implant equal in size to your normal testicle which goes below and in front o your atrophic testicle.

Our implants are soft and intentionally textured.  A lot less likely to result in the occasional capsular contracture which tenses the implant and makes it hard.  The last thing you want to hear in an intimate situation is “what’s that.”

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

Patient 1: Testicular implant. Which side? Patient's left. Well healed incision and normal gonadal contour, fairly symmetrical result.

Testicle Implant inserted (which side?)

Patient 4: A. Pre-op: Testes are present but very small. Scrotal size is normal.        

Before and after picture testicle implant, another patient of Dr. Reed

Testicle implants, another patient of Dr. Reed