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Had a neonatal circumcision and the rim of the glans does not show on the underside

Dr. Reed, Had a neonatal circumcision and the rim of the glans does not show on the underside.  Is it possible it was removed or needs to be exposed?  Calvin

Dear Calvin,

The most common reason fo the rim of th glans not showing is called penile synechia or fusion of the foreskin to the glans which was not separated or reattached after neonatal circumcision.  Under local anesthesia we can start where the rim is clearly seen and spread the skin apart on the underside.  Then please apply an antibiotic ointment for about 2 weeks or so until the raw area epithelializes.  This is minor surgery.  Similar approach is used for penile skin bridges and penile tunnels.  (Unroofing).

Before and after photos of our adult circumcision work can be seen on penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision

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Picture of Penile skin bridge or penile synechia

Picture of Penile skin bridge or penile synechia

After Picture of Penile skin bridge (patient fo Dr. Reed)

Best treatment for phimosis

Dr. Reed, Have serious phimosis.  Unable to retract my foreskin over my head.  I am 24 and worried.  What is the best ways to manage this and any alternatives?  I am very nervous.  Roger Dear Roger, Phimosis is a normal situation for newborns and by the time a man reaches 18 years of age, only 3%…Continue Reading

How easy is to do a meatotomy while doing a circumcision?

Dr.  I have a narrowing of my urinary opening which another urologist called metal stenosis.  He said I’d need a meatotomy to have a full forward directed steam. Jeff Dear Jeff,  A meatus has to be calibrated with bougie a boules to be sure the constriction is just at the opening and not deeper, which…Continue Reading

Is my circumcision too loose? Had an adult circumcision a few years ago

Dr. Reed,  Is my circumcision too loose? Had an adult circumcision a few years ago.  Below is a photo of how I see myself.  Ryan Dear Ryan,   Mot importantly is you need sufficient skin to cover an erection.  Caucasian men are notorious grow-ers not showers.  If that loose skin were removed, when erect, you are drawing pubic…Continue Reading

Need a penile skin bridge removed

Dr. Reed,  Need a penile skin bridge removed.  Is this minor surgery and do you have and before and after pics of penile skin bridge removal?  Clinton Dear Clinton,  Penile skin bridges are usually remnants of an infantile circumcision.  And penile tunnels may be secondary to incomplete removal of absorbable sutures.  The annoyance aside from distracting…Continue Reading

Is there a circumcision style which is more desirable?

Dr. Reed, Looking for circumcision style guidance.  Are there any medical recommendations, or is this pretty much optional.  Victor Dear Victor, We have a gallery of before and after circumcision pictures which you can peruse on our web-site  penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision  In that the only caution is not to go the extremes.  For example ultra tight may…Continue Reading

Directions to the Reed Centre please

Dr. Reed, Can you provide directions to the Reed Centre?  Have an appointment this December for an adult circumcision revision .  Ethan Dear Ethan, Google maps was kind enough to designate our office location with a highlighted red H icon.  Simply go to www.google.com/maps and in the search option tap in  The Reed Centre, Kane Concourse  Below…Continue Reading

Would like a high and tight adult circumcision, do you have any pics of patients you have done

Dr. Reed, Would like a high and tight adult circumcision, do you have any adult circumcision pics of patients you have done? Geraldo  PS  How do I get to your office from Pompano? Dear Geraldo, We have done about 8,000 adult circumcisions over the years and are frequently requested to do a high and tight adult circumcision. …Continue Reading

How do I get to the Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery?

Dr. Reed, Is the Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision highlighted on Google maps?  I know you are in the Miami area.  Is parking available near your building?  Jeff Dear Jeff, | The Reed Centre is definitely highlighted on Google maps which is an honor because there are numerous businesses on Kane Concourse in Bay Harbor Islands.  Parking is available…Continue Reading

Can you do a circumcision with a Prince Albert piercing? Albert asks

Dr. Reed, I have a Prince Albert piercing and am uncircumcised.  I am seeking to have an adult circumcision and not disturb my Prince Albert piercing.  It is possible to also remove the frenulum.  Will my dressing get soaked with urine.  Albert Dear Albert, Do you remove the Prince Albert piercing for any reason?   If…Continue Reading