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After photos of Dr. Reed’ s adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, Am contemplating coming to you for an adult circumcision.  Can you give me some ideal of how I will heal.  Probably I would opt for the circumcision style of moderate and tight and removal of the frenulum. Neil

Dear Neil,

Adult circumcision is the specialty of the house, and truly we’d like to do it as you envision.  Yes, you do have a choice of circumcision styles.  Thank you for looking at the after photos following adult circumcision on our web-site penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami

4/1: 17 days after circumcision

After adult circumcision photo, patient of Dr. Reed

After photo of adult circumcision, patient of Dr. Reed, mature result


Unable to retract my foreskin for about 1 year

Dr. Reed,  Believe I have phimosis. Unable to retract my foreskin for about 1 year.  What are the options? My wife is favoring as circumcision.  Gary Dear Gary, While some doctors treat phimosis with steroid creams, the likelihood of permanent cure is nil. Another option is so called preputioplasty, often called a dorsal slit with…Continue Reading

Circumcision sutures and cross hatch marks

Dr. Reed,  Should my adult circumcision sutures be removed, in that my doctor says they’re absorbable.  How soon can I have sex?  Daren Dear Daren,  It takes about 7 to 8 weeks for a properly approximated incision to regain full tensile strength.  I advise patients not to have penetrating sex until then.  And if there…Continue Reading

Circumcision styles, Adult circumcision, Miami

Dr. Reed, Please describe the common circumcision styles, as I plan to be in Miami in 2 weeks for an adult circumcision.  Fred Dear Fred, There are 4 considerations or circumcision styles we need to discuss.  If your penis is entirely normal, we are very flexible.  The options are remove or do not remove the…Continue Reading

Too loose after adult circumcision

Patient had adult circumcision 10 years ago and never really happy about laxity of skin. Requests revision. Circ done very close to glans (don’t know why). Options is to make another incision/scar higher and have 2 circles of fairly uniform circumference, or make incision again low and place dart on underside to avoid puckers. Patient…Continue Reading

What type of circumcision styles is most cosmetic

Dr. Reed, Am flying in from Europe for business in Miami this February and wish you would comment on the circumcision styles you offer,  Which is more cosmetic? Colin Dear Colin,  The circumcision styles we offer include remove or do not remove the frenulum, low  moderate or high, loose moderate or tight, cur oblique (parallel to the rim…Continue Reading

Minimizing discomfort after adult circumcision

Dr. Reed,  Are adult circumcisions painful and what can be done to minimize pain. Daniel Good afternoon Daniel, First, stop any products that may enhance bruising such as aspirin, NSAIDs (this includes also ibuprofen, Advil, etc), fish oil, vitamin E, alcohol. Secondly ,have your doctor use a long acting local anesthetic which should last until you…Continue Reading

Phalloplasty (penile enlargement)

Hi. I’m interested in the phalloplasty procedure and I want to get circumcized too. Can both procedures be done at the same time? Also how much would it be? Than you.   Gus Dear Gus, If you wish to be circumcised, please have that done first, as traction needed for length is easier to apply.…Continue Reading

PPP (pearly penile papules) and being uncircumcised

I’m also not circumcised, do you think I have PPP because I’m not circumsized? How do I go about getting circumsized and getting my PPP removed. What’s the process on getting circumsized, removing the PPP, and the side effects if any. I’m 30 and don’t want the “what’s that” in my life anymore. Thanks!  Walter Dear…Continue Reading