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Cosmetic Circumcision, how much? (no insurance)

How much does the procedure run for someone with no insurance?  Bob

Dear Bob,

Consultation is 250 which includes many telephone calls, Email exchanges, and your first visit to the office as well.  Cosmetic circumcision to follow is 1750 which includes use of the facility, local anesthesia with or without IV sedation,  a cosmetic circumcision with deference to your style request, and any follow care we provide.  Please visit our web-site penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision/


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision -, Miami

Post-op photo of one of our patients


Cosmetic Circumcision Revision

Dear Dr. Reed, I would very much like to avail myself of your services for a circ revision.  In part this would be to correct a poor job, which has caused some problems in the past, and in part for my own aesthetic reasons. I am concerned, however, that the following factors would contraindicate this…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision revision | Harold M. Reed MD | Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  Had a circumcision 2 months ago and need a circumcision revision.  Within a day, once the dressing was off, I knew this what not what I had envisioned.  The result is asymmetrical, there are cross hatch marks, an uneven incision and some draping loose skin underneath.  The frenulum was not completely removed…Continue Reading

Cosmetic Adult Circumcision – Dr. Harold Reed – Miami

Dr. Reed, Am seeking a cosmetic circumcision for I know it sounds silly cosmetic reasons.  I don’t want a sloppy rush job with uneven margins and suture tracks. Ken Dear Ken, Cosmetic adult circumcision is the specialty of the house.  I have probably performed over 8000 circumcisions and you will have 4 options… remove or…Continue Reading

Cosmetic Circumcision | Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dr. Reed, What makes a cosmetic circumcision cosmetic? Roger Dear Roger, First, the desire of the urologist to do the best possible job. This means conferring with the patient to be sure, he is getting the circumcision style he wishes. 2.  Not rushing.  Whereas a circumcision can be “knocked off” in 15 minutes, after the…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision | Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Would you be able to do a revision of a circumcision done about 8 years ago.  Too much loose skin, and can you make the incision  lower (low cut).  What can you do to make this affordable as I am a graduate student, still in college. Paul Dear Paul, If you needs special…Continue Reading

Adult Circumcision for Phimosis in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,  Have phimosis.  Will this be cured with a circumcision?  I am 32 years old and have had difficulty retracting my foreskin for several years.  Sometmes I swab with a Q-tip[ but it’s a nuisance. Roger Dear Roger, Yes, a properly performed circumcsiion will be a one step-solution.  You may think of phimosis…Continue Reading

Pearly Pink Papules, remove during my circumcision

Dear Dr. Reed, Have pearly pink papules, and you have me scheduled for a circumcision next week.  Can they be removed at the same time? Keith Dear Keith, Yes, we can and there is no additional charge.  You’ll be under local anesthesia.  Pealrly pink papules are consider a normal variant not to be confused with…Continue Reading

Mininmzing cirumcision scars on a keloid former

I am an Afro-American and keloid former.  What can be done to minimize circumcision scars? Devon Dear Devon, Fortunately for you, keloids are very rarely seen in the genitalia of Afro-American men or women or for that matter Caucasians.  Just a few cases are reported in the literature.  We do recommend that you have a…Continue Reading

Circumcision suture, good/better

Recently we have looked at glue for closure, staples, letting a ring fall off after several days, and also suture.  I favor Vicryl Rapide which admittedly loses tensile strength faster as it is reabsorbed faster, but has less of a tendency to form suture tracts. Studies on women who have had episiotomies to facilitate delivery…Continue Reading