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Is my circumcision too loose? Had an adult circumcision a few years ago

Dr. Reed,  Is my circumcision too loose? Had an adult circumcision a few years ago.  Below is a photo of how I see myself.  Ryan

Dear Ryan,  

Mot importantly is you need sufficient skin to cover an erection.  Caucasian men are notorious grow-ers not showers.  If that loose skin were removed, when erect, you are drawing pubic and scrotal skin onto your penile shaft.  I don’t think you’d be happy. 

What may also save the day, rather than more surgery is penile traction.  Stretch out your resting or flaccid length.  Be sure to use a  penile traction device like the Grip System which pulls on the head, not your skin.  These devices need to be worn a good 8 hours every 24 in divided sessions to provide a measurable result.



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Loose circumcision pic on a man who is undoubtedly a grow-er not a show-er


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