Buried penis patient seeking penile elongation through weight loss

Dr. Reed,  I have been diagnosed to have a buried or hidden or concealed penis and my BMI is 35.  If I lose weight, will my penis appear longer?.  Richie

Dear Richie, normal BMI is 20 to 25, so your heart will say “thank you.”  And very well you may enhance your penile length.  So yes I would recommend you lose the weight.  Pubic fat is sometimes called privileged fat which is the last to “melt” for men who diet.  A pubic dermato-lipectomy or escutcheonectomy may also be helpful.  Below are photos of a man who weighed a little over 2300 pounds and got down to about 210.  As you can see the skin has been stretched and still conceals his penis.  


Before and after pictures of buried or concealed penile surgery are posted on our web-site. penisdoctor.com/before-after-concealed-or-hidden-penis

Before & After: Concealed or Hidden Penis | The Reed Centre

Buried penis picture, area of pubic fat and skin to be removed outlined in blue
(patient of Dr. Reed)
Buried penis picture after surgery (patient of Dr. Reed)


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Surgery | Miami


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