Adult Circumcision, is it covered by medical insurance

Hi Dr. Reed
 Thanks for the information about circumcision. Actually, I have been thinking about this procedure for a while, not because of medically necessary, but for hygienic reasons. Does medical insurance company usually cover such a procedure?   Tony Ambrose

Good morning Mr. Ambrose,

Most insurance companies will fund for a circumcision if there is a medical reason, such as chronic irritation, phimosis, tearing, bleeding, balanitis xerotica obliterans, preputial skin bridges, perhaps recurrent penile warts or lesions on the inner skin.

We are contracted providers and accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield (non HMO) and Medicare. Or we would be pleased to fill out your insurance form for maximal reimbursement to you directly.

If you have more specific questions, perhaps you could call your carrier to learn about the unique benefits of your policy. At any rate, you have a friend in Bay Harbor Islands (greater Miami) and anticipate we will show you every courtesy.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.


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