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Do you do testicle implants for patients who have had an orchiectomy for testicular cancer

Dr. Reed,

Do you do testicle implants for patients who have had an orchiectomy for testicular cancer.  Had mine done 4 years ago and wasn’t thinking cosmetics then, but now I feel differently.  2 more issues, I believe my testosterone level is below average and also I have a penile scrotal web or turkey neck.  Ca this be corrected at the same time.


Dear Roger,

Thank you for your excellent clinical presentation.

Yes we insert testicular implants for gents such as you.
and have done about 500 implant procedures.

While we are not contracted providers with any insurance company,
we’ll be happy to fill out any insurance forms for maximal reimbursement
to you under any “out of network” your insurance company provides.

A penile scrotal web could be done at the same time, but there is a slightly
enhanced risk of an implant infection.  If your scrotum is longer the risk is reduced..

Current thinking is not to offer testosterone but rather a pituitary receptor blocker, that
will enhance testosterone production from your remaining testicle.

If you are interested, you can initiate a telephone consultation by sending us a
check for 250.  Do include your name, address, and phone number.


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