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Thanksgiving month circumcision promotion | The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

Dr. Reed, Please confirm your cosmetic adult circumcision promotion this November. Mack

Dear Mack,

Another reason to celebrate November.  Our cosmetic adult circumcision to include use of the facility, anesthesia and any followup care we provide $1000.  Consultation fee which includes many Email exchanges, telephone calls, opening a folder for you, and your first visit to the office 250 (as usual).  Please plan on staying at a nearby hotel for 2 days afterwards as early mobility is the great enemy of a good cosmetic result.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

Cosmetic adult circumcision, patient of Dr. Reed

Cosmetic adult circumcision, patient of Dr. Reed

Need penile implant and length for erectile dysfunction (ED)

Dear Dr. Reed,  Looked at before and after photos of your penile implants and penile lengthening procedure.  Can both be done at the same time.  Jim Dear Jim, Thank you for visiting our web-site penisdoctor.com.  Please keep in mind a penile implant is the last resort for erectile dysfunction (ED).  While malleable implants should last…Continue Reading

Long frenulum remnant

Dr. Reed, After an adult circumcision still have a frenulum web on the underside of my penis.  How difficult is this to remove?  Reggie Dear Reggie, Frenulum remnants can detract from an otherwise perfect adult circumcision.  Fixing this is more a matter of cosmetics than function, and is fairly easy to do under local anesthesia. …Continue Reading

(FAQ) Foreskin restoration with purse string suture | The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

Dr. Reed,  I favor foreskin restoration and have been working at it with a penile uncircumcising device (PUD).  Most of the time now I’ve got half of my head covered.  I believe you can put a purse string suture in the tip of my loose foreskin this will do the rest.  Bernie Dear Bernie,  I…Continue Reading

Concealed, hidden or buried penis | The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

Dr. Reed, Am embarrassed with my penile size, mainly length.  Told I have a concealed (hidden or buried) penis.  That actually the length is there but under the skin.  Where it don’t belong.  Lowell Dear Lowell, Acquired concealed, buried or hidden penis is apt if you remember your length being a lot longer.  The most…Continue Reading

Can you replace an atrophic testicle with a testicular implant?

Dr. Reed, Have right testicle atrophy following a hernia repair.  Can this be replaced with a testicle implant or testicle prosthesis?  Ray Dear Ray,  Best not to remove the atrophic testicle as it is most likely still functioning.  I would recommend we place in front and below your atrophic right testicle an implant similar in size…Continue Reading

Waddle of skin still left after my adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, Seems to be a waddle of skin underneath my penis after an adult circumcision done last year by another doctor.  How easy is his to remove?  Henry Dear Henry,  We see penile skin waddles all the time as there tends to be a laxity and redundancy of skin on the underside of many…Continue Reading

Low and tight, is this the best way to minimize likelihood of HIV

Dr. Reed, Considering having an adult circumcision for hygiene but also to minimize acquisition of HIV.  Is low and tight the preferred circumcision style, and provide more assurance the final result will be more uniform. Rick Dear Rick, The best way to avoid HIV acquisition is to avoid promiscuous sex.  Should this happen, go to…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Penile scrotal web (turkey neck) recession Reed Centre for Ambulatory Surgery | Miami

Dr. Reed, Will a penile scrotal web recession cause difficulty for my erection to expand especially at the base where surgery is done or compress my urethra?.  William Dear William, Please be assured we have done a few hundred penile scrotal web recessions with the technique of essentially just taking down the attachment on the…Continue Reading

(FAQ) How is testicle enhancement done? Reed Centre for Ambulatory Surgery | Dr. Harold Reed

Dr. Reed,  How is testicle enhancement done?  Any special advice?  How large can they be? Ken Dear Ken, Thanks for your interest in testicular enhancement *and visiting our web-site penisdoctor.com/testicular-enhancement We hope you can relate to the before and after photos of testicular enhancement Testicular enhancement is becoming one of our most popular procedures, because the patient satisfaction rate is high…Continue Reading