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Foreskin Restoration

Dr,. Reed I have contemplated foreskin restoration in an effort to return to my natural state.  I have heard of the purse string technique and also the Tugger.  Do these approaches work. Fernando Dear Fernando,  I would not do the purse string technique as the result might lead to phimosis, or inability to retract your…Continue Reading

Buried, Concealed or Hidden Penis

Dr. Reed,  I may have a hidden penis.  My erect length also seems small compared to photos I have seen on line.  Intimacy is embarrassing.  Have seen your before and after concealed penis photos on  penisdoctor.com/before-after-concealed-or-hidden-penis  I am somewhat oversight, 230 pounds for 5’10”  Would you suggest a penile lengthening procedure? Desmond Dear Desmond, First strand in front of a…Continue Reading

Too loose after adult circumcision

Patient had adult circumcision 10 years ago and never really happy about laxity of skin. Requests revision. Circ done very close to glans (don’t know why). Options is to make another incision/scar higher and have 2 circles of fairly uniform circumference, or make incision again low and place dart on underside to avoid puckers. Patient…Continue Reading

Penile Silicone Problem

Dr. Reed,  Have chronic inflammation associated with a silicone penile enhancement procedure.  Do your recommend removal and can you describe with anticipated post-op course.  Have visited your web-site penisdoctor.com/before-after-penile-enlargement-revisions-and-silicone-disasters Carlos Dear Carlos, Thank you for visiting penisdoctor.com/before-after-penile-enlargement-revisions-and-silicone-disasters.  Penile silicone liquid injections often produce an asymmetrical result, because silicone is frequently overinjected and tends to seek tissue planes…Continue Reading

Could use some testicular enhancement

Dr. Reed,  Thinking of testicle implants Maybe it’s because when I was younger I was into body building and took steroids. Have visited your web-site penisdoctor.com/before-after-testicular-enhancement and like what I see.  Any special advice to a prospective patient? Adam Adam, Yes we do many testicle implants every year.  I believe our implants feel the most…Continue Reading

Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement

Dr. Reed,  Am somewhat embarrassed with male breast enlargement. Visited your web-site on gynecomastia penisdoctor.com/before-after-gynecomastia. Think I resemble the first example.  Gary Dear Gary, Gynecomastia or enlargement of the male breast may produce an unwanted feminizing appearance. A  BMI in the overweight 25-30 or obese category may result in manufacture of estrogens in your fat stores.  If…Continue Reading

Penile-scrotal web

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision a few years ago (requested “tight”) and think I may have a penile scrotal web or turkey neck.  On side view my penile length looks shorter.  Is this easy to correct? Nate Dear Nate, More likely than not you do have a penile scrotal web especially if your situation…Continue Reading

Am 1 inch shorter after a penile implant, help!

Dr. Reed,  Believe I have lost nearly an inch after my penile implant, an inflatable model done up north. Is this to be expected and what can be done to restore my length and self-respect? KG Dear KG, Have installed about 2500 penile implants (penile prostheses) over the years and before and after photos or…Continue Reading

What type of circumcision styles is most cosmetic

Dr. Reed, Am flying in from Europe for business in Miami this February and wish you would comment on the circumcision styles you offer,  Which is more cosmetic? Colin Dear Colin,  The circumcision styles we offer include remove or do not remove the frenulum, low  moderate or high, loose moderate or tight, cur oblique (parallel to the rim…Continue Reading