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How do you manage a penile implant with distal tip erosion?

Dear Dr.  Reed  About 4 months ago, had an inflatable penile implant and it seems as though the right distal tip is very close to my skin.  Should the entire implant be removed, just remove the involved side, or remove, replace and re-site?   Neil

Dear Neil,

Surely if there is evidence of more involvement, the entire penile implant needs to be removed, as the incidence of complications including a secondary infection are too high to risk putting in another (IMHO).  If the involved side is not about to emerge from a symmetrical area on the uninvolved (left) side but more ventral, then perhaps the corpora was on the involved side was not properly dilated distally.  Yes, this could be redone, sometimes with an independent coronal incision just to be sure the cylinder is placed where it needs to be.  If you have a urinalysis and there is infection, then I would lean more to complete explantation.  So there is the concept called the salvage procedure.  If done as properly indicated, the likelihood of success has been reported to be 80%.

All in all the decision is one you have to make, but you should seek consultation with an experienced implant urologist who based on your history and physical exam will put together a “shared decision.”


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

penile.implant, erosion 1

Pending extrusion of penile implant 

penile.implant, erosion 2

Erosion of penile implant distal cylinder tip into the uerthra

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