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Do I need a Circumcision Revision or a pubic lift?

Dr. Reed,  Was circumcised as an infant, but with advancing years, now 45, seems as though I need a circumcision revision to tight up the loose skin. One doctor said removing more penile shaft skin will only serve to limit the length my erections further and bury my penis.  Confused in San Diego, Jorge

Dear Jorge,

The urologist who told you to consider release of a buried penis could be giving you the best advice.  You don’t have to see too many men with concealed (also called hidden or buried) penises who under go circumcision revision with very disappointing results.  Let’s try the “poor man’s test.”  Stand in front of a full length mirror and lift you pubis and lower abdominal skin and see if that looks more like to you, of yesteryear.  Look especially for 2 more things.  Is that loose uncircumcised look starting to revert back to a more normal appearance?  #2, do you have a penile scrotal web or turkey neck which also gives the illusion of a short penis?

If yes, you need to have a lower abdominal pubic lipectomy, re-positioning of the penile skin fold at the base of you penis which has demarcated the junction of your penis and lower pubic.  In days of yore, that was your penile-pubic angle which now may just be one confluent non-angulated line.

Needless to say, weight reduction could be a helpful adjunct, but once skin is stretched weight reduction does not remove blousing, but does make you a safer surgical candidate needing less surgery.

Please visit pictures on our web-site  penisdoctor.com/before-after-concealed-or-hidden-penis/ and you’ll see a patient who pre-operatively had a penis that looked like a mushroom cap for his head, plastered on top of his pubis.  The entire shaft did a disappearing act.  BUT, big but, the man’s penis was there all the time. See post op photos.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami


The head or glans looks like a mushroom cap surmounted in a pubis.  The purple lines above is a crescentic incision line for lower abdominal and pubic lipectomy. This is not a “circumcision parlor” surgery.


What a difference!  The penis was there all the time.


Steristrips help to close the lower abdominal incision and a double layered penile shaft wrap ensures the penis is not going to hide on us again, until sufficient healing.  The true outward base of the penis is re-established both on top and in the scrotum with deep sutures secured to underlying connective tissue and fascia.

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