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Adult Circumcision requested by a grower, not a show-er

Dear Dr. Reed, I’m a 23-year-old male interested in Adult Circumcision . I have a somewhat short frenulum which sometimes tears. My problem is that my penis when flaccid is only about an inch or two long, yet when erect, it is about seven inches long. Would it be theoretically possible to obtain a circumcision tight enough to maintain the glans uncovered at all times yet not cause pain during erection? I would like the frenulum completely removed, and I do not really care about style as long as it doesn’t hurt. Thank you.


Dear Ronald,

Yes we do Adult Circumcisions on men with a wide dynamic range (short flaccidity and long erections).  Your request is frequently vocalized by men who say they are “growers not show-ers”.  Better to leave enough skin to cover your erection without drawing pubic hair onto the shaft or scrotum onto the underside of your penis.  To ensure adequate skin coverage during the circumcision your penis will be placed on the stretch.  Yes, we do all Circumcision Styles

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