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Pearly Pink Papules, remove during my circumcision

Dear Dr. Reed,

Have pearly pink papules, and you have me scheduled for a circumcision next week.  Can they be removed at the same time?


Dear Keith,

Yes, we can and there is no additional charge.  You’ll be under local anesthesia.  Pealrly pink papules are consider a normal variant not to be confused with penile condyloma or warts.  They tend to occur more in uncircumcised men and are not sexually transmissible.  The technique we use is pin point cauterization with low setting desiccation.  In that they can occur very closely in a row, we do not want to make a burn scar streaking across the corona, so we’ll go after the major ones (often 70% of them) and leave some skin in between to promote normal wound healing.  Then in about 6 weeks you can come back and we can do the rest.



Harold M. Reed, M.D.

The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

Mininmzing cirumcision scars on a keloid former

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Circumcision suture, good/better

Recently we have looked at glue for closure, staples, letting a ring fall off after several days, and also suture.  I favor Vicryl Rapide which admittedly loses tensile strength faster as it is reabsorbed faster, but has less of a tendency to form suture tracts. Studies on women who have had episiotomies to facilitate delivery…Continue Reading

Combined Penile Implant and Circumcision

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Buccal graft for urethral stricture

Will you consider doing a buccal graft for a chronic urethral stricture, unresponsive to dilation and internal urethrotomy? William Dear William, Yes, of course.  I believe in the past 5 to 10 years buccal grafts have emerged as an excellent method to replace and expand stricture for a narrow urethral segment.  If a urethrogram has…Continue Reading

Concealed penis (buried or hidden penis), help!

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Testicle Implants, what to do, what not to do

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Why should I cleanse my foreskin, women don’t have to douche?

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Dermal fat strips for penile girth enlargement

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