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Had adult circumcision and have a waddle of skin under my penis

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision about 2 years ago and there is a waddle of skin on the underside near the incision line.  Was told this would self correct, but still persists.  Any explanation?   Roger


Dear Roger,  The opportunity to remove this waddle was there when you were circumcised  Waddles can be attributed to surgical bruising, that’s true, But this should resolve.  Immediately after a circumcision while you’re still on the table bruising has yet to set in.  The redundant skin is very apparent.

Most foreskins are somewhat dilated just before the end as the diameter of the head is larger than the shaft.  A circumcision is about merging 2 circumferences together, the distal with the proximal.  If the doctor can see an imbalance of skin, the remedy is to make a V-cut where the waddle is. This is done at 6 o’clock on the underside of the penis and usually heals imperceptibly.  Yes, it takes more time to do this, but what’s the rush?  Another 15 minutes or less and the waddle is gone if you are seen now and this situation is confirmed, what we would most likely recommend is the entire (or most) of the circumcision is re-opened. Hope you are not that disappointed to hear that, but if your concerned about cosmetics, then have it done.  As one patient said, “my penis is my calling card.”


With kindest regards,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Adult Circumcision – Miami

Examples of penile waddles or redundant skin post circumcision



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