How soon after circumcision can I have sex?

July 21, 2014

Dear Dr. Reed,

You have me scheduled in for a cosmetic adult male circumcision
on August 5th, 2014.

How soon after circumcision can I resume sex?


July 21, 2014

Good morning Alan,

Please keep this precept in mind.  An incision does not recover
full tensile strength until 8 weeks after surgery.  So the answer is 7 to 8 weeks,
or until complete epithelialization has occurred.  No areas of delayed wound healing.

You could probably have gentle touching sex a few weeks earlier than that if that’s any

We look forward to your visit and believe me we will show you every courtesy,,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

PS.  The humorous answer is it depends on whether you have a private room
or a semi-private room.

Considering phalloplasty, have phimosis, advice sought

July 19, 2014

Dear Dr. Reed,

Considering phalloplasty but have phimosis, advice sought


July 19, 2014

Good morning Mitchell,

Good question.  By all means have a cosmetically performed circumcsion (as we perform it) to remove the phimotic scar).

Wait 3 motnhs and then have length and or girth as we provide.

Patients who have lengthening usually leave for home the next day.  You could probably return to an office environment in 3 days..  Or consultation on Thursday, surgery on Friday.  Monday, back to work.

From surgery anticipate a 3/8″  increase in length and with dedicated use of traction, 8 hours a day in divided sessions, anticipate a 1/8″ gain each month such that after 6 months you’ll have 3/8″ plus 6 x 1/8″ or 9/8″.  We say about an inch longer erection in 6 months.  Flaccid lengths will be correspondingly longer.

Please recognize that American Urological Association policy statement of 2008 remains unaltered?   ?The American Urological Association (AUA) and the Urology Care Foundation consider subcutaneous fat injection for increasing penile girth to be a procedure which has not been shown to be safe or efficacious.   The AUA also considers the division of the suspensory ligament of the penis for increasing penile length in adults to be a procedure which has not been shown to be safe or efficacious.?

Whenever you stop using traction whatever you have gained is permanently yours. If you continue, more length gains will be accrued.  We do not do simultaneous surgery, such as any combination of length, girth of shaft, girth of glans, circumcision, or pubic liposuction.

Hardly a week goes by when some disillusioned patient done elsewhere calls us for a revision.  And we told you so.

Generally speaking the penis does not appreciate simultaneous surgery with a few exceptions.

With AlloDerm, we can say quite conservatively you can anticipate a 3/4″ gain in circumference if you have not already had penile girth enhancement which is permanent as far as we know having followed patients for 8 years or so who have had AlloDerm.  Most patients will do a lot better than that.

While you do not have to be circumcised for lengthening, you need to be circumcised for girth enhancement.

AlloDerm patients must be on strict bed rest with the exception of getting up to use the commode or eating in their room for 4 days.  Surgery is the zero day, and we certainly recommend you stay at the Daddy O Hotel, one block from the office (305-868-4141) so I can see you daily as your penis will continue to swell for several days, and your dressing will be replaced often to accommodate a larger sized penis.  Mention my name for a discount.  Less expensive is tourist class Whitehouse Inn on the Bay (305-893-8280).

AlloDerm is like particle board, when immersed in body fluids, it swells and swells for several days.  This spreading of the collagen fibers is helpful to permit ingrowth of a capillary bed and new cells of your own making.

Early mobilization  is the great enemy of good graft take.   Again plan on staying in your room, stocking up on food or sending out for food.  Good Italian, Greek and Chinese restaurants abound with delivery service only a telephone call away.  I’ve have been known to go shopping for some patients at Publix.  You won’t starve.

If you have AlloDerm surgery on Tuesday, you could be back in an office environment on the following Monday.  If you do manual labor you may wish to wait a good week after surgery and avoid trauma to your genitals. Most likely you will have many questions and we are available for consultation only, if that suits your purposes.

Candidates who wish to schedule surgery with our facility are required to have phone consultation with a favorable response to questions of concern.  Assuming this, you will be given the nod to send in a 50% deposit which is non-refundable.

All patents will require these blood tests: a recent CBC,  platelet count, PT and PTT.  This can be done at our office the day before surgery or in your home town. These tests run about $100.  If you are over 40 or are on medications, please call the office before scheduling surgery, as a letter of medical clearance may be required.

If you are a smoker, you must stop completely for 2 months before surgery (girth enhancement especially) and please never again.

Smoking causes vaso-spasm, impairs wound healing, produces excessive scarring, tissue necrosis, irritates and inflames pulmonary membranes and enhances anesthetic risk.  However, most of our penile surgery is done under local anesthesia with IV sedation.

This goes also for any products containing nicotine or nicotine like agents including nicorette gum, nicotine patches, Nicotrol inhalers, and second hand smoke. Again not for 8 weeks before and not for 8 weeks afterwards. Hopefully never again.

Please no aspirin or aspirin products, no anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin, Advil, Alleve, or Cox 2 inhibitors such as Celebrex or Vioxx for a week before surgery. No Vitamin E or excessive alcohol or spices for a week before surgery as this may promote bruising. Bruising can be reduced (many believe) with Bromelain 500 mg 1 twice a day, Arnica montana (Boiron brand) dose 30C (take 4 small tablets sublingually, 4 times a day), vitamin C 500 mg (3 times a day) starting 1 week before surgery. Do take these medications unless there are specific reasons why you choose not to and let’s discuss it beforehand.

Boiron brand is available at Whole Foods and on the web at for “pennies” and we do notice a difference.  You will need 2 vials.   We hope to have the pleasure of serving  you whenever your travel plans include the South Florida area.

With regards,

Harold M. Reed, M.D. FICS
Phalloplasty Services
Senior Member of the American Urological Association
Member Society of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons
Founding Member and Treasurer of American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons

Adult male circumcision, 2 advantages of Form


Male Circumcision: 2 Things You May Or May Not Know About Circumcision


By Justin Caba | Jun 11, 2014 08:00 AM EDT


1. Lowers STD Risk


Although research in the past has shown that circumcision can reduce the risk of contracting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in men by 50 to 60 percent, the exact cause has not been well understood. A recent study conducted at the Translational Genomics Research Institute revealed that removing the foreskin from a penis can change the bacterial community known as the “microbiome,” leading to improved protection against the HIV infection. TGRI researchers based the study on 156 men in Uganda who were circumcised as adults and reported back a year after the procedure when bacteria amounts had dropped by 33.3 percent. A specific type of bacteria reduced by circumcision was found to activate Langerhans cell in the foreskin. Although Langerhans cells are known as the body’s first line of defense, when activated, they can actually enable HIV transmission by binding the virus to CD4 and T cells — cells that are specifically targeted by HIV.


2. Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

Researchers from the University of Quebec’s INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier in Montreal have found that on top of STI protection, circumcision may also protect a man against the risk of developing prostate cancer. The study, following up on research surrounding lower rates of prostate cancer among Muslim and Jewish men in the West, was based on interviews from 3,208 men (1,590 of which had been diagnosed with prostate cancer). Compared to uncircumcised men, those who were circumcised as infants were 14 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. Surprisingly, men who were circumcised later in life were 45 percent


My 14 year old has only one testicle, please provide implant info

July 12, 2014

Dear Dr. Reed,

My son now is 14 YO, he only have one testis, can he has a testicular implant/prostheses and when the right/best time for him to have the surgery. Thank you




July 12, 2014

Good morning Ruth,

Thank you for visiting our web-site

Your son needs to have a diligent attempt at learning what happened to his other testis.  Is it still undescended?   Imaging studies and skillful exam by a urologist could help.

It needs to be removed because of possible malignant degeneration.  Your son is entering the time for pubic growth.  He could have an implant put in now, but I would choose an adult size implant.  If the scrotum is not  capacious, then wait until he is about 18 years old, but strive to subject him to only one surgical procedure.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

When will my implant with fluid loss self correct (seal) and work again

June 8, 2014

Dear Dr. Reed,

I had an AMS LGX implanted in 2009. For the last two years I have had problems getting the pump to inflate, when I depress the pump bulb it feels like it is full of air or fluid and will not release properly after the first pump.

When I squeeze the pump above the inflation bulb very hard it will start working. It is a major distraction as you can imagine fiddling with this for 5 minutes beforehand to get it going.

ve given it some time t. Has anyone else heard of this problem ? Thx

June 8, 2014

Hi Joe,

The human body when injured tries to heal and does this amazing well. The AMS is a mechanical device devoid of any human tissue, so it does not have that capacity.  Also the original fluid placed in your reservoir is long since gone. (reabsorbed by local body tissues).

Even having human tissue around it will not help a leak site to re-constitute.  Also think of us when you are looking for more length.

Harold M., Reed, M.D.
Senior Member of the AUA
2500 Implant case experience.



Have some phimosis and considering phalloplasty lengthening

June 8, 2014

Dear Dr. Reed,

Order of Operations?.

I have been thinking about having a phalloplasty lengthening, with secondary girth enhancement at a later date.  Over the last several months I have been having mild issues with phimosis that I have been able to manage.

I believe I will get a circumcision as well to help correct this, but I was not sure what surgery I should have first, the lengthening or the circumcision.

Your thoughts?


June 8, 2014

Good morning Adrian,

First things first.  Yes, Ideally get your circumcision done first ideally by a urologist who has done 8000 circumcisions and understands phalloplasty as well.  The reason being applying traction to phimosis does not work well.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.


Considering phalloplasty but have phimosis, advice sought

Hi Adrian,

First things first.  Yes, Ideally get your circumcision done first ideally by a urologist who has done 8000 circumcisions and understands phalloplasty as well.  The reason being applying traction to phimosis does not work well.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.



Order of Operations….

I have been thinking about having a phalloplasty lengthening, with secondary girth enhancement at a later date.  Over the last several months I have been having mild issues with phimosis that I have been able to manage.

I believe I will get a circumcision as well to help correct this, but I was not sure what surgery I should have first, the lengthening or the circumcision.

Your thoughts? Andrew

Is preputioplasty a good idea?

June 1, 2014

 Dear Dr. Reed,

My phimosis allows my foreskin to be pulled all the way back except when I have a full erection, where it  is stopped by the rim of the penis.   With a “cigar clipping” what happens to the remaining foreskin, during intercourse? Normally  it is held back ( behind the head of the penis),  by the phimosis band. Once this band is removed, it seems to me , the remaining fore skin could get in the way of the penis.   I’m sure you are familiar with the procedure known as Y-V Preputioplasty. Do you do this minimal surgery with no removal of foreskin  partial circumcision? If so, what are the pros and cons.   I’m interested in one of these procedures.



June 1, 2014

Good afternoon Victor,

We have done preputioplasty and the result are functional but really not that pretty.  It is a contradiction of terms to have preputio and plasty (which connotes an aesthetically pleasing result) in the same word.  None the less we are willing to do this, if you are sure this is what you want.

The way to treat phimosis is definitely remove all of the involved constriction, which is usually a lot more than what you think.  Hopefully you will still have a loose circumcision.

Below is a survey of 23 parents whose boys underwent preputioplasty.  Not an entirely happy group of campers.

Best wishes,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.


Is preputioplasty effective and acceptable?

Girth enhancement of shaft with glans enlargement at same time ok?

May, 29 2014

I am interested in the girth enhancement and was wondering if the gland enlargement is a separate procedure and if they can both be performed at the same time? Also what is the cost?



May 30, 2014

Good morning Jason,

Thank you for your interest in what we do and reviewing our web-site

Please review comments on glans enlargement.  Glans enlargement should always be done as a procedure unto itself.  The first reason is especially if you elect AlloDerm for penile girth enhancement, that product is placed in the shaft, over the vascular bundle.  To make an incision in the glans on the top to lift the cap of the glans for purposes of inserting of AlloDerm would cut across he neurovascular bundle.  We use a loop technique and pass the AlloDerm from underneath up and over.  Still to operate above and below the neurovascular bundle on the same day I do not think is a good idea.

The second reason is if you have lengthening, you will need to apply traction within a few days.  This may disturb any cosmetic work done on the head of the

After reading the attached, if you believe I am the doctor for you, please initiate a consultation over the phone with our office by sending us your name, address, and telephone number in an envelope along with a check for 250.  We’ll get started ASAP.  We’ll have a lot to talk about, including non-operative ways of lengthening.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
1111 Kane Concourse, Suite # 311
Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154

Have peyronies, need your help

Good morning Dr. Reed,

My name is Dave and I live in the Orlando area.  I came across your website because I have been looking into a solution for peyronies disease.  The angle of the curve at times makes penetrating sex difficult for my wife and I.  Is there a form of treatment for this? Could it be corrected? What are the chances it will reoccur?  I appreciate any input you have and look forward to speaking with you.



May 28, 2014

The incidence of Peyronie’s thought to be about 3% may actually involve 10% of the male population. This is attributable to female-above trauma, rolling over on erections at night, and scarring potential that may be innately present

A very interesting article came out this past month showing that aggressive traction if applied as soon as onset is noted, can reverse or significantly reverse this process.  When compared to a non-treated group, these patients just got worse and in fact lost length.

A precept in Peyronies surgery is not to operate until the process is completely stable, no more progression of angulation, no more pain for at least 6 months.

That 15% of Peyronies will heal spontaneously gives credence to many remedies which in the year 2014 when closely looked at, may in fact not be especially efficacious.  The use of Xiaflex is a costly adjunct but includes certain risks such as hemorrhage and rupture.. and the results are more improvement than cure.  About 20 years ago, an article appeared in the Journal of Urology involving 2 groups of men with Peyronie’s.  In the first group Verapamil was injected into the plaque with some improvement, in the control group, sterile saline only (salt solution) was injected into the plaque with the same results.   Needles are not always your friend because micro-bleeding is known to produce more scar tissue.

Please initiate a consult so we can discuss the unique complexities of your situation.  Photographic examples of our work can be seen at


Harold M. Reed, M.