Best way to remove a frenulum?

Dr. Reed, What is the best way to remove a frenulum?  Eduardo

Dear Eduardo,

We normally remove the frenulum when we do adult circumcisions.  If you have had an adult circumcision  and the frenulum was left intact or you just wish to remove the frenulum, we can do that.  Keep in mind the atavistic (helpful in human evolution) purpose of the frenulum to to keep the foreskin over the head of the penis.  So the frenulum starts on the underside of the head and extends back an inch or more on the inner skin covering the shaft. I hope the frenulum pictures below will be helpful.  

Technically all of the frenulum should be removed and when that area is palpated with a gloved finger there should be no tethering band or as one patient said “g string” effect.  After removal the area is gently cauterized to control bleeding and some rapidly absorbable sutures are placed.  If the frenulum is broad as opposed to long, the lateral sides are undermined so the approximation of the edges will not create undue tension on the suture line.

A frenulum breve refers to an ultra tight frenulum that when erect causes your head (glans) to point downwards like the nose of an SST jet.

Happy and healthy New Year,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami


pictures of frenulum of penis


picture after frenulum removal (about 14th post op day, patient returning for suture

Picture of patient who had adult circumcision and simultaneous removal of frenulum
(patient of Dr. Reed)

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