Before After Penile Enlargement Revisions and Silicone Disasters

Example #1: Silicone strips implanted under penile skin initially confer lengthening as well as girth but have high incidence of erosion

Example #2: Penile deformity after silicone injection.  The distal skin (non-pigmented) is looser and often silicone under pressure migrates there.

Status post liquid silicone:

Immediately after correction:

Example #3: Silicone injected to penis and scrotum.

Example #4: Status post multiple cosmetic penile procedures including AlloDerm, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), also known as Metacrill, and lastly subcutaneous silicone strip implantation with severe loss of penile skin and erosion to the level of the implant itself.  Other injectable expanding agents include Artecoll (bovine collagen filler and PMMA beads, not FDA approved ) and ArteFill (similar and FDA approved).

Example #5: Breast contours as cuboidal as a Picasso painting, plus synmastia (loss of cleavage because of fusion at the midline).

Example #6: Excessive injection of silicone to buttocks.