Before After Gynecomastia

Patient 1:
Moderate Gynecomastia, very noticeable in a tee shirt.
Example photographs 1/1 – 1/5.

Same patient immediately post surgery, contours are now masculine (right side).


Patient 2:
Young adult male with fibrous glandular Gynecomastia, which did not respond to liposuction.
Example photographs 2/1 – 2/2.

Patient 3:
Another patient with droopy, pouting breasts and bilateral underarm (axillary) fat rolls. 
Example photographs 3/1 – 3/4.

Same patient post op.

Patient 4:
4/1: Pre-op showing  grade III enlargement
4/2 – 4/3:  Immediate post-op with reduction

Yachtsman complains of nipple enlargement and protrusion.
5/1 and 5/2: showing pre-op status.
5/3 and 5/4: showing immediate post-op result.

Patient 6: Engineer with gynecomastia
6/1-6/3  pre-op status
6/4-6/5  post-op status following MicroAire power assisted oscillating liposuction system

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