Adult circumcision before after pictures sought

Dr. Reed, Seeking adult circumcision before after pictures to help me opt for an acceptable circumcision style.  Otto

Dear Otto,

Adult circumcision before after pictures are posted on our web-site   Many patients who seek advice regarding circumcision style Email me with requests for adult circumcision before after images

Please keep in mind that a circumcision is ideally about approximating 2 equal length circumferences.  The neck of the penile shaft is narrower than the rest of the shaft, so if you wish a low circumcision, we have to reduce the upper circumference with a ventral cut, lest you have skin puckers.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Adult circumcision after picture showing low cut circumcision style and reduction of under-shaft skin for 2 equal circumferences

High adult circumcision where circumferences are fairly equal (no midline cut needed)


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