About Dr. Reed

About Dr. Reed

The-wonderful-Dr.-ReedDr. Harold Reed is a Diplomate of the American Board of Urology, a Senior Member of the American Urological Association (having attended 35 consecutive annual meetings), a member of the Society of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons, the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons (treasurer), the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, International College of Surgeons, and in 1986 had satisfied admission requirements of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons and was made a Fellow.

Graduating from the University of Rochester and S.U.N.Y. Medical Center, he interned on the Cornell surgery service at Bellevue Hospital, and completed urology residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center. He has received certification in post-graduate microsurgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

While a Captain in the U.S. Army he served as a squadron surgeon in Korea. Dr. Reed has authored several urological papers and produced 2 genital reconstruction videos, “Penile Revascularization” and “Augmentation Phalloplasty” (penis enlargement) both accepted for viewing by the American Urological Association.

Dr. Reed has been performing penile enlargement surgery since 1986. The procedure involves as needed release of the suspensory ligament, pubic liposuction or dissection, and taking down of the “turkey neck” deformity (peno-scrotal web). That portion of the penile shaft under the skin is about as long as the pendulous penis and assumes an arched course under the pubic bone. Release of this arch allows the penis to protrude further outwards. Click to read more information regarding penis enlargement or phalloplasty.

To further advance his cosmetic skills, Dr. Reed has sought post-graduate training with many world class urologists and plastic surgeons, and participates yearly in national meetings. Examples of his work are seen in before and after photos. His practice brings together a facility noted for compassionate care, meticulous attention to detail, and patient accessibility 24/7.