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(FAQ) Buried penis also called hidden or concealed penis), how treated Dr. Harold Reed

Dr. Reed, I believe I have what has been classically described as a buried or concealed penis, which has been a pronounced inhibition from sexual encountes.. How is this treated?  Is there any hope that some day I’ll be passable?  Jeff Dear Jeff,   The term hidden, buried or concealed penis relates to children as well…Continue Reading

Concealed penis (buried or hidden penis), help!

Dear Dr. Reed, Believe I have a buried or concealed penis. While my erections thank Gd are still firm, seems as though the length is shrinking.  Is this normal?  Can send you some photos if you wish. , Brandon Dear Brandon, Thank you for noting our interest in restoration of penile length for those who suffer from…Continue Reading

Concealed (buried, hidden) penis needs release to the way it was

Dr. Reed,  Hope you can help me with a hidden (some say concealed or buried) penis.  Saw our work on penisdoctor.com/before-after-concealed-or-hidden-penis and was impressed.  Roger Dear Roger, Thank you for looking at before and after pictures of buried hidden, concealed) penis surgery.  If you remember your penile length when you were younger was much longer, that’s a…Continue Reading

Concealed, hidden or buried penis | The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery | Miami

Dr. Reed, Am embarrassed with my penile size, mainly length.  Told I have a concealed (hidden or buried) penis.  That actually the length is there but under the skin.  Where it don’t belong.  Lowell Dear Lowell, Acquired concealed, buried or hidden penis is apt if you remember your length being a lot longer.  The most…Continue Reading

How do you treat buried, concealed or hidden penis?

Dr. Reed, Think my penis is shrinking.  How do you treat a buried, hidden, or concealed penis?  Arthur   Dear Arthur, Yes, we treat what has been called a buried, hidden, or concealed penis.   First, let’s look at your BMI and waist band measurement.  If you have gained weight, your pubic fat pad or sagging abdoninal fat,…Continue Reading

Buried, Concealed or Hidden Penis

Dr. Reed,  I may have a hidden penis.  My erect length also seems small compared to photos I have seen on line.  Intimacy is embarrassing.  Have seen your before and after concealed penis photos on  penisdoctor.com/before-after-concealed-or-hidden-penis  I am somewhat oversight, 230 pounds for 5’10”  Would you suggest a penile lengthening procedure? Desmond Dear Desmond, First strand in front of a…Continue Reading

Concealed, Hidden, or Buried penis

Dear Dr. Reed, My son, age 35, asks me if he was circumcised at birth, because he thinks he needs a circumcision revision.  He also complains he has lost erect length.  Would he benefit from a circumcision revision or a lengthening procedure?  Kendall Dear Kendall, More likely than not, he had a proper infant circumcision,…Continue Reading