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FAQ Adult Circumcision Anesthesia | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre

Dr. Reed, Can you do my adult circumcision under local anesthesia.  In my state, the doctors insist on putting me to sleep (general anesthesia) which I feel is unnecessary.  Benj Dear Benj,  Virtually all of our adult circumcisions are done under local and we can give you IV conscious sedation if that would help. This…Continue Reading

Adult male circumcision with good local anesthesia

Dr. Reed,  Would like to have an adult circumcision this May in Miami.  Is local anesthesia included and will I feel anything.  Byron Dear Byron, About 30 years ago, I attended a seminar in Las Vegas at the annual meeting of the AUA and the breakout session was entitled office based ambulatory surgery.  The doctor…Continue Reading

Is general anesthesia necessary for an adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, When my doctor insisted he would only do an adult circumcision under general anesthesia, which as you know increases the cost, I thought I should look around.  Gilbert Dear Gilbert, In our practice we do 99.5% of circumcisions under local  If you wish we can provide IV conscious sedation (at no added charge),…Continue Reading

Anesthesia for Adult Circumcision

looking into an adult circumcision.   i was wondering how is the pain and what kind of anesthesia is involed? And where is this located. Anything around fridericksburg virginia? Thanks  Lee Dear Lee, We use local anesthesia, but I know there are so many places where adult circumcisions are performed, here and abroad where general…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision anesthesia, fasting necessary?

November 27, 2015 Dr. Reed, On the night before I am circumcised, should I refrain from eating and drinking any beverages or water? Thank you for referring me to your web-site photos. William T. Good morning William, Thanks for your followup E-mail inquiry. Glad you found then photos on http://penisdoctor.com/adult-circumcision/ reassuring If you are being…Continue Reading

Had a neonatal circumcision and the rim of the glans does not show on the underside

Dr. Reed, Had a neonatal circumcision and the rim of the glans does not show on the underside.  Is it possible it was removed or needs to be exposed?  Calvin Dear Calvin, The most common reason fo the rim of th glans not showing is called penile synechia or fusion of the foreskin to the glans…Continue Reading

Can you treat Fordyce spots when you do my adult circumcision

Dr. Reed,  Can you treat Fordyce spots when you do my adult circumcision?  Carlos Dear Carlos, Fordyce spots (also termed Fordyce granules are visible sebaceous glands that are present in most individuals. They appear on the genitals and/or on the face and in the mouth. They appear as small, painless, raised, pale, red or white spots or bumps 1 to 3 mm in diameter…Continue Reading

How easy is to do a meatotomy while doing a circumcision?

Dr.  I have a narrowing of my urinary opening which another urologist called metal stenosis.  He said I’d need a meatotomy to have a full forward directed steam. Jeff Dear Jeff,  A meatus has to be calibrated with bougie a boules to be sure the constriction is just at the opening and not deeper, which…Continue Reading

Pearly pink papules, can they be removed during my adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, Planning on an adult circumcision.  Is it possible to remove pearly pink papules (PPP) at the same time and what is the additional charge?  Kevin Dear Kevin, Pearly pink papules (PPP) in adults are seen more commonly in uncircumcised men.  There is no additional fee to remove them as you will be  under…Continue Reading